Born and raised in Compton, California, Deon Carter got into the lowriding scene around ’83 or ’84. He was 17 or 18 years old at the time, but it was in that era that he realized that he was a lowrider for life. He used to see members of the Professionals Car Club who would cruise through his neighborhood in an impressive majestic line. Since those days way back then, Deon has done pretty well for himself, living up to his dreams and staying close to cars both personally and professionally. He is now the co-owner of Hub Suds Hand Car Wash in Compton but it’s out on the boulevard that you’ll most likely find him on weekends.

Deon has owned many lowriders before (mostly Chevy Impalas) and he was never afraid to take them down the street to the local hangout. Deon has built and sold five of his full-custom lowriders to Japan, too! But it is Deon’s latest creation, a ’64 Impala hardtop that he is reluctant to bring out. In fact, Deon says that he has not brought it out a single time yet! His reasoning for that is that he is afraid to get a single scratch on his baby. Plus, Deon now has interest in showing this ride at the local car shows. “I would like to bring home a trophy for this Impala,” he says. The only people who have seen this ride so far are those who are close to Deon or who have helped build it. His uncle, “Big Skeet,” has lovingly cussed him out urging Deon to enjoy his clean machine!

Years ago when Deon first got into the lowriding game, he networked with the right people, including Anthony Fuentes who worked at Orlie’s Hydraulics in the Los Angeles, California, area. Anthony, now with Homies Hydraulics, has provided Deon with excellent service, building him some firme rides over the years. There was no change of service when it came to Deon’s latest ’64. He dropped off the ride to Anthony, entrusting him to take care of it and turn it into something that stands out among the other show-quality Impalas.

Anthony first got in touch with George, owner of G’s Autobody in Long Beach, California, and had him do his talent in engine building. A 327-c.i.d. engine, fully chromed out, was dropped into the engine bay and perfectly matched the new chrome-plated undercarriage. Gardena Batteries in Gardena, California, was contacted to redo all electrical work on, in and around the Impala, from the headlights to the taillights. They made sure that everything worked like it did when this ride was first purchased new 40 years ago!

Deon wanted to keep a clean stock look inside the ride and elected to have an OG black ’64 Impala kit interior installed. Hidden in the glove box, an Alpine CD player head unit is nicely tucked away, providing music through two long, black OG Harmon Kardon amplifiers, Pioneer tweeter and midrange speakers and two 10-inch JL Audio woofers. It was ultimately Edward “Gordo” Cisneros at Auto Restylers, who was the stereo system installation man. G’s Autobody took care of the paint scheme, spraying a Brittany bluish-green paint under faded-out blue and green pearl patterns. It was actually the talented Mr. Willie Olea who did the artful pattern work. Back at Homies Hydraulics, Anthony and the crew installed two single chrome pumps powered by eight batteries and four switches. To complement the ride with the finishing touch, a set of 13-inch powdercoated spoke knock-off rims were wrapped in whitewall tires and mounted onto the Impala.

Deon says to watch out for this Impala at upcoming car shows because he is ready for them! He has no plans to do more to the Impala and is happy where it’s at now. Besides, he is actually in the works (in conjunction with his other uncle, “Moon”) on the next project, a ragtop ’64 Impala!