James “Peluca” Williams of La Puente, California, has been lowriding since the age of 16 when he first got into Lifestyle C.C. Being in Lifestyle at an early age, James was quickly molded to the club’s standards. James was particularly influenced by three key members of the club: Mauricio, the owner of “King MC” ’81 Monte Carlo, as well as Jose Choco with his “Spill The Wine” ’82 Buick Regal and James’ partner in crime, “Batman” with his ’79 Ford T-bird, “Crazy For U.”

Growing up in the lowrider environment, James told himself that he was going to buy himself a lowrider to go after Lil’ David of Traffic C.C., who used to roll around in a lifted truck hitting switches on everybody. After working all summer, and with the help of his parents, James bought himself his first car, an ’80 Chevy Monte Carlo that he would later dub “Paradise.”

In the 15 years that James has been in the club, he has seen cars come and go. “The cars are the same style but the faces are different,” says James. “I’ve seen people copy the club’s style of paint. Most of us in the club take it as a compliment when they mimic our style.” When James was asked if it had been hard to be in the club for that long, he laughed as he remembered the hard times that he endured during the four years that he was building the car, everything from the BS that the painter gave him to pressure from the club to get the ride done. Was it worth it? “Yeah, I’ve been able to do so many things that before I could only have dreamed of,” James relates, “especially meeting famous people during video shoots and commercials.”

James could not have finished his ride without the help of his family and friends, including Danny D., “Bubba,” “Mexico,” “Chuntis” and the others in Lifestyle. These will most likely be the same friends who will help James do the undercarriage and engine on this ride, as well as the new street car that he’s building. That’s one of the great things about being in a club like Lifestyle.

Owner: James Williams
Vehicle: ’80 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Town Landau
City/State: La Puente, California
Club: Lifestyle C.C.
Engine/Drivetrain: Stock rebuilt and blueprinted 350-c.i.d. engine and 350 Turbo transmission combination.
Body/Paint: Mario Gomez of Candy Factory in Palmdale, California, shaved and painted the custom-mixed color. The lightly patterned-out coupe was accented by Walt Prey of Walt’s Pinstriping.
Interior: Bob Mercado of Bob & Sons Custom Interiors stitched up the old school biscuit tuck interior. The two-tone combination was accented with a custom steering wheel that matches the exterior of the MC.
Sound System: Four hidden DEI midrange speakers are controlled by a Pioneer CD player/head unit connected to the OG TV set in the dash/center console.
Setup: The molded trunk compartment was hooked up with two custom high-pressure aluminum blocks, with two Adex square dumps and big check valves powered by four Optima Yellow Top gel batteries.
Tires: 13-inch 5.20 Premium Sportway
Wheels: Custom-painted 13×7 100-spoke Zenith