So what is it about this Canadian-manufactured ’63 Chevy Impala ride that hogs our attention (and yours in less than a heartbeart) like a bunch of G-string babes at a poolside music video? Remarkably, everything about it! After “Dontre ’63” rolled out this year in Vancouver, British Columbia, with a clear Plexiglas hood and trunk, the owner got a few emails from dudes telling him that they “almost, coulda, shoulda, woulda” added that modification to their Impala. Well, guys, it’s not too late to try, but it’s too late to say that you’re the first.

This metal mammal’s a good example of putting together a car the right way. Just standing there looking at the uniqueness of it all speaks volumes about the craftsmanship invested. Dontre made an appearance at Go-Lo Entertainment’s Portland, Oregon, show to rave reviews. The car instantly won praise on the Internet threads just as the show ended. Basically said, when you want a job done right the first time, it pays to spend a little more instead of cutting coins here and there. Make sure that you have a master plan going into any project. Perfect planning is exactly what Brian and Kim did with this unbelievable work of bumper to bumper magnificence, courtesy of Larry Shannon and Glen May inside of their C.C. Racing shop in Richmond, B.C.

When all of the talk about a chrome undercarriage comes up, then the car goes up, so we can see what holds the low together… a wrapped and molded frame is the foundation of it all. It’s a great place to start when you commence a “frame-off” idea. Needing a lift, Jan Christensen (Allterationz in Langley, B.C.) volunteered his shop among other things, and C.C. Racing extended the A-arms 1 inch and sealed them bad boys just like the rear trailing arms. Brian also mentions that auto customizer Lee worked some special custom tricks that he calls “cool weapons.”

The trunk is where your mouth drops like a hammer and it’s also where the name “Dontre” is spelled out in big chrome old English letters. If you like what you see, tell your girl to flip some bills on four Hi-Low Elite Plus chrome and gold pumps and 1-inch port Hi-Low blocks just to start. Be cool and tell her it’s your birthday. Other notable goodies worth a word or two are an NOS vacuum trunk release, factory tachometer, NOS hazard flashers, NOS tool kit, power windows and a six-way power bench seat so Brian can get comfy when he’s thanking his sweet wife, Kim, for all of her love.

Just imagine your steering hand up at 12 o’clock on the wheel of Dontre ’63. Man, it feels good to cruise in a ride this bad, but don’t plan on finding this parade leader on ebay anytime soon. This ride will be inherited by six-year-old Don Dante, who will no doubt one day proudly drive the first ride of its kind.

Dontre ’63
Owner: Brian and Kim
Vehicle: Canadian-manufactured ’63 Chevrolet Impala convertible
City/State: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Club: No affiliation
Engine/Drivetrain: A blinding 283-c.i.d. V-8 engine with Coolflex hosing and NOS cruise control option. The transmission is a properly polished two-speed Powerglide. Dontre ’63 also features a telescopic driveshaft and chrome exhaust.
Body/Paint: The body’s as tight and flawless as fitness babe Jaime, and so is the PPG mocha frost paint layered on by Larry Shannon at C.C. Racing in Richmond, B.C.
Interior: Draped on is what’s widely known as new old stock vinyl in original patterns and piping with polished buttons and knobs. Going topless means immersing yourself in Navigator sand dollar tan vinyl.
Sound System: Some things can be thought of as original but highly improved, so Brian used a stock OG AM/FM stereo, perfect for dialing in ear-gouging static or those moody oldies stations.
Setup: Bangin’ and blingin’ four Hi-Low Elite Plus chrome and gold pumps are what’s under the trunk, but you don’t even have to pop the sucker because it’s see-through Plexiglas and worth every dollar. Like long pistons, 8-inch (front) and 10-inch (rear) cylinders rock the house, while 41/2-ton (front) and 21/2-ton (rear) springs offer some comfort when the “trey” comes back down from double-digit hops. Also off the shop shelf and in the same number as the pumps are Parker check valves, polished Adex dumps and chrome Prestolite solenoids. And four switches unleash eight Optima yellow top (deep cycle) batteries.
Tires: P170/70-R14 Hankook
Wheels: 14×7 chrome and gold Dayton with “Dontre” on the knockoff (just a little something to hang around your neck when you’re not pressin’ the pedal with your fancy Lugz).