Approximately two years ago, a little old lady had enough of her ’85 Cadillac Fleetwood. The transmission had gone out and the car was unnecessary to her. She decided to sell it to Jayson Fleming, who just so happens to be the owner of the Westside Customs shop in Hillsboro, Oregon, and a member of the Oregon chapter of Uce Car Club, one of the best Cadillac-building groups in the world. For only $300, the transaction was a done deal and the Caddy was on its way to Jayson’s shop.

After building up a ’72 Chevy 350-c.i.d. V-8 engine, Jayson also proved himself an expert with hydraulics. He installed a ShowTime setup and then fully strapped and reinforced the frame to hold up during the high hops down the volo. This coupe was immediately upgraded with a “Euro” front clip from that of an early ’90s Cadillac model. The moldings, bumpers, headlights and taillights were all transferred to Jayson’s older model, making a great appearance makeover since the two-door models never came from the Cadillac factory with the Euro clip. Next on the list was the wild candy orange paint job by one of Westside Customs’ painters, Eddy Slepicka.

The Kenwood-driven sound system was also given special attention and received some pretty cool special effects. The hardlines of the hydraulics actually go directly into the speaker magnets of the woofers! Jayson, once again the installer, ran the hardlines into the woofer cooling vents, giving the effect that the speakers and hydraulics are one system, working together. Plexiglas surrounds and encases different areas of the hydraulic setup and sound system. The interior received its makeover as well, with bright orange vinyl matching the exterior.

Jayson is debating whether to sell the Caddy or keep it and add a sunroof and more patterns to the roof area. He currently has a ’95 big-body Cadillac that he wants to get going on and be the first to make one into a two-door convertible. In either case, Jayson has outdone himself with “Eye Candy,” and he thanks none other than the big Uce C.C., along with his wife, Darlene, for their support in building this candy Caddy.

Eye Candy
Owner: Jayson Fleming
Vehicle: ’85 Cadillac Fleetwood
City/State: Portland, Oregon
Club: Uce C.C.
Engine/Drivetrain: ’72 Chevy 350-c.i.d. V-8 with a custom chrome intake, mild cam headers and 700-R4 transmission.
Body/Paint: The body of the Cadillac was upgraded with the headlights, taillights, side moldings and front clip from a ’92 model. Eddy Slepicka of Westside Customs in Hillsboro, Oregon, painted the Caddy candy orange with multicolored patterns and graphics. “Taz Roc” murals surround the ride’s body.
Interior: Jan Christensen of Allterationz Auto Accessories in Langley, British Columbia, Canada, dunked the seats and surrounding interior in orange vinyl and topped it off with some cool custom seat belts for safety.
Sound System: Jayson took it upon himself to install a Kenwood head unit with MTX amps, Kenwood midrange speakers and Obcon woofers.
Setup: Three ShowTime pumps, three Delta dumps, 8-inch (front) and 10-inch (rear) cylinders, 31/2-ton springs, eight batteries and four switches, all installed by Westside Customs. The frame has been fully strapped and reinforced.
Tires: P175/70-R14 Cooper
Wheels: 14×7 California Wire