During our lifetime, we all hope in some form or another to acquire some kind of fame and stature for either ourselves or something that we’ve done or built. Rene Bolanos of Whittier, California, and a member of Prophecy Car Club, has built a car that has taken on a life of its own and gets its shine on being featured in commercials, print ads and even a movie. Zip Zaps, Pepsi, PlayStation and Honda’s infamous “Civic Nation” commercial are all part of the extensive list of credits to the “Road Attraction 2” resume. With a cameo in 2 Fast 2 Furious, Road Attraction 2 is shining in the spotlight right now and Edge wanted to make sure that we added to that mix in the way of our cover car for this, our premiere issue.

Rene says that this is the car’s second time around, having had a different paint scheme before, but this one took the car to new heights. With the undercarriage completely chromed out, you might tend to think that this is a trailer queen, but Rene’s not feeling that move and can often be seen rollin’ through Southern Cali cruising and just getting from here to there. Road Attraction 2 is one of those cars that has taken on a life of its own, and for once we have a project that actually brings in some money instead of sucking its owner dry. Rene surely wouldn’t have ever guessed that in a million years.

Owner: Rene Bolanos
Vehicle: ’97 Honda Civic
City/State: Whittier, California
Club: Prophecy C. C.
Model: Kay Sivilay.com

Al and Ed’s of Ontario, California, installed the Alpine head unit that controls the signal going to an Audiobahn A2200HCT two-channel high-current amp powering the three 12-inch Flame Q woofers housed in a molded enclosure in the trunk. An Audiobahn A800IDT amp powers the front stage and two Audiobahn ACAP1Q capacitors keep the power-hungry amps fed.

1.6-liter SOHC motor with AEM cam gears, pulleys, fuel rail and intake. Nology sparkplug wires, 50-shot of Nitrous by NX Express and DC Sports header hype up the motor.

Rims & Rubber:
18X7 Zenetti “Tekademics” covered by a set of Toyo P215/35-ZR18

Full air ride suspension installed by Ramses Sanchez at Winning Edge Customs in Buena Park, California, featuring air cylinders in the front., airbags on the rear, two compressors, two 1-gallon air tanks and enough switches for front, back and side-to-side moves.

Paint & Body Mods:
Full shave just like Jenna Jameson, including moldings, door handles, antenna and custom pop-out rear windows, along with a Kaminari body kit. Adrian and Justin at Starbucks in Riverside, California, did the body mods and painted the car House of Kolor lime time green with silver and candy blue flames and yellow stars in a silver set of flames. The windows were tinted in multicolor flames by Erick at Xtreme Tint of Whittier.

Bush Custom Upholstery in Corona, California, handled all of the interior mods and covered the rear seats in lime green and blue sparkle vinyl. A set of Corbeau racing seats, Ichibahn steering wheel and shifter knob along with a set of pedal covers are also found. A chrome roll cage was fabbed up by the good peeps at Tubealicious and a set of diamond-plate floor mats from Legend 5 provide phat footing.