Aaron Hodgson of Ventura, California, woke up one day and realized that his life just wouldn’t be complete without a full-custom lowrider show vehicle to call his own. The 27-year-old Jiffy Lube manager had never built a custom car before, but once he got the low “Jones” there was no stopping him. Aaron got his hands on an ’85 Chevy S-10 Blazer and spent the next seven years taking that once-stock Blazer further and further away from its inoffensive origins until it became the bad, bad Blazer AKA “The Outlaw.”

Now one of Ventura County’s most wanted vehicles, The Outlaw sports a Connected C.C. plaque, not that it gets much road time. Aaron admits that the beautiful Blazer has zero annual miles due to it being trailered everywhere it goes, and that includes the shows. In fact, The Outlaw finished Second in the most recent Truck Sweepstakes at the 2002 Lowrider Magazine Las Vegas Super Show.

You can’t blame Aaron for not wanting to risk damaging such a prize ride by taking it out for a cruise on Hwy 101. But the owner can open it up if he wants to because The Outlaw is equipped with a transplanted ’91 Chevy 4.3-liter engine fitted to a polished Magnaflow exhaust system. Aaron teamed up with Arnold Ikeda of Bayview Automotive in Ventura on the engine buildup.

Augie of Lugo’s Hydraulics agreed to help Aaron out by doing a little moonlighting and hooking up the Blazer with a full ShowTime hydro setup in Aaron’s garage. A pair of ShowTime pumps resting on custom blocks with engraved Chevy bowties are connected via 3/8-inch stainless steel lines (installed by Leo Ramirez) to two dumps, 8-inch (front) and 10-inch (rear) cylinders, two Optima batteries, four solenoids and two switches. “The hydros were installed under the vehicle where the stock gas tank was,” declares Aaron, who also mentioned that molded lower A-arms are among his custom suspension modifications.

Many more mods can be found on The Outlaw, of course. The frame has been molded and shaved, while the exterior has been altered in many ways, both subtle and overt. Aaron lists a suicide hood; molded inner fenders, firewall and rear wheelwells; and custom wooden bed with special gas tank. Albert Bustillos of Carpinteria, California, busted out a House of Kolor candy apple red, tangerine and pagan gold paint job with metalflake in the mix. Aaron thanks “Hanko” of Hanko’s Autobody in Ventura for the graphic embellishments.

You don’t get into serious consideration for Lowrider Truck of the Year status without some interior alterations either. Fortunately for Aaron, he had Quality Upholstery of Ventura on the job. Celso and Quality crew redid the interior of the Blazer in tan leather with 2002 Cadillac Escalade patterns. Custom seats and door panels, and a handmade dashboard are joined by Autometer gauges and Billet Specialties steering wheel and shifter to make riding with The Outlaw a unique experience.

Seven years in the making, you can bet that there are many more little custom tricks and tweaks to be found in The Outlaw. Aaron points out the 13×7 88-spoke chrome and gold Dayton wire wheels, and thanks V&C Metal Polishing in North Hollywood, California, for coming through as his chrome-plating connection. Aaron knows that he has to keep modifying his Blazer in order to keep The Outlaw one step ahead of the pack and maintain its standing as one of Ventura County’s most wanted vehicles.

The Outlaw
Owner: Aaron Hodgson
Vehicle: ’85 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer
City/State: Ventura, California
Club: Connected C.C.
Engine: ’91 Chevy 4.3-liter
Setup: Two ShowTime pumps, two dumps, 8-inch (front) and 10-inch (rear) cylinders,
two Optima batteries,
four solenoids, two switches
Tires: P155/80-13Winston
Wheels: 13×7 88-spoke Dayton