What happens when the East Coast meets the West Coast? The answer is this immaculate ’60 Chevrolet Impala. The lowrider culture has evolved from the barrios to the mainstream. Lowriding has been accepted and adopted by many different cultures and every time that somebody builds a new lowrider, the car turns out to be very unique. That was the case for Yasushi Igarashi of Whittier, California. The Japanese native who moved over from Japan to start a exporting business has built several cars in the past, but none have come close to his latest creation, “When Worlds Collide.”

The ’60 Impala started off like most of his frame-off restorations, but halfway through the project Yasushi decided that he would take his car the extra mile. The frame was fully wrapped in 1/8-inch steel and received a Ford 9-inch rearend that was mounted using a four-link system. When it came time for hydraulics, Yasushi went to Mike of OG Gate Service of Montebello, California, who provided all of the hard to find parts, including the aircraft zig-zag slow-downs, oil filters, accumulators and custom Adex dumps. These vintage aircraft components control a two-pump whammy setup that’s powered by eight 31-series batteries.

The exterior part of the build-up was also done through the shop. The results were a two-stage charcoal gray PPG paint job. The paint was accented by a patterned roof done at Jim Hicks, Inc. of Gardena, California. The body was then buffed out and ready to be reassembled. This is where shop technician Oryu Sakai worked his magic. He made sure that all of the refurbished trim done by Joe’s Plating of Whittier was bolted back on to the car properly.

Yasushi decided that the heart of the car would not be the hydraulics setup, but a beefy engine that powers the classic ’60. Yasushi found an ’87 350-c.i.d. Camaro engine that was rebuilt to handle the Weber side-draft carburetors. This included installing an RV cam and double-timing chain for accuracy in the timing department. The team bolted on a Classic Performance Products front disc brake kit, which when combined with the Lincoln rear disc brakes, ensures a safe stop.

Once everything was bolted back together, the car was shipped to E&J in Santa Fe Springs, California, where Erasmo and Julio put together a custom interior kit to go with the exterior. The E&J duo came up with a gray tweed finish stitched in a ’59 Impala pattern. The interior was complemented with black chrome and a set of digital gauges that were bolted on to the stock dash.

When Two Worlds Collide there is bound to be some cross-pollination, and this ride is the end result. It’s also a dream come true for Yasushi. Like many, he’s dreamed of this his entire lowriding life… building a car and seeing it in LRM. You’re the man, Yasushi.

When Worlds Collide
Owner: Yasushi Igarashi
Vehicle: ’60 Chevrolet Impala
City/State: Whittier, California
Club: No affiliation
Engine: ’87 350-c.i.d. Camaro with Weber side-draft carburetors
Setup: Two double whammy pumps, four Adex square dumps, 8-inch (front) and 10-inch (rear) cylinders, eight 31-series batteries, four switches
Tires: P155/80-R13 Remington Triumph
Wheels: Black-nickel LA Wire