Andrew Abraham has created a monster in this ’98 Mitsubishi Spyder and the pictures tell the story all too well. Looking at this car is a source of wonder, amazement and frustration, especially when you consider that it was done in 18 months. The really sick part of it all is that Andrew’s not done, so just when you thought that you were running up on his heels he takes another giant step forward. Add in the fact that Andrew is a pre-med student at UC-Irvine and it’s hard not to take a drink from your Super Gulp of Hatorade.

The Spyder already had nice lines but with the additional bodywork and conversions the ride takes on a long and slinky look reminiscent of a fine Italian automobile. The Neeper wheels pull it all together like a hot pair of kicks with your favorite outfit. The interior is certainly something out of a techno pop video with enough TVs to make any household jealous, and with the combination of suede seating you know that you’re rollin’ first class.

Andrew says that working on the car is his “destresser” from all of the work and studying that trying to become doctor involves and that he has fun attending shows. This is Andrew’s first custom and you know that he went big dog for the first time out of the gate, having MIC of Anaheim, California, handle the suspension. Reptilian is the only way to describe the way that it lays and it’s certainly a head turner and show stopper at the shows.

If you think that this car is all show and no go you’re in for a rude awakening in a stop light brawl. This massaged motor is pumping out a cool 400hp, enough power to bring most confrontations to a quick and definitive end with this Spyder leaving its opponent with a lethal bite. So check out the pics and you can see that it’s all there… good looks, muscle and all the “bling” that you could want in a ride.

Vitals: Owner: Andrew Abraham
Vehicle: ’98 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GS-T
City/State: Irvine, California
Club: No affiliation

Suspension: Air Ride system with 5-gallon candy painted tank, three compressors, 10 electric fast valves, four slow manual valves and 14 switches installed by Master Image Customs. The vehicle was also upgraded with AEM big brake system, Metal Master brake pads and steel-braided hoses.

Paint and Body Mods: The bodywork–including shaved door handles, antenna, moldings and windshield squirters, Nissan Silvia (S15) headlight conversion, Honda S2000 backlight conversion, custom 7-inch side scoops, chrome BMW M Roadster gills, M3 side skirts, custom back bumper–and custom blended candy paint done by Steve at Auto Explosion in Gardena, California.

Rims and Rubber: 19-inch Concept Neeper Ghinis (limited edition) with P235/35-ZR19 Nitto NT-555 tires.

Interior: Full white suede interior with blue suede piping, Italian leather-covered dash, plush blue carpet, candy painted interior pieces, carbon fiber dash overlay, white suede covered steering wheel, custom trunk enclosure covered in white leather. All work performed by Revo at Stitchcraft Interiors in Westminster, California.

Audio/Video: Nine TV screens (including one in each headrest, one in each door and three molded into the top pillar, one 4-inch behind a two-way mirror and one 7-inch monitor in front of the shifter), Panasonic CQ-DV9000 DVD player, Infinity speakers, a total of 18 neon and 12 strobe lights, hidden fog machine, Optima deep cycle blue top battery, Viper alarm and Lo-Jack recovery system. All work done by Robbie at Luther Sound Designs.

Performance: Dynoed at 340 HP to the wheels, upgraded 18G turbo features “big” GReddy front-mounted intercooler, 660cc Denso fuel injectors, Super AFC fuel and boost controllers, upgraded Denso fuel pump, AEM cam gears, GReddy Type S blow-off valve, Fluidyne all-aluminum racing radiators, Injen Technology air intake and air filter, Tanabe exhaust tubing, WeaponR dual exhaust mufflers and GReddy oil catch can.