When you think of a six-wheeled vehicle, what comes to mind is probably a large Dually-type truck. How about a six-wheeled Geo Tracker? Only in Lowrider Magazine! Somewhere along the line, Rafael Blanco of Warminster, Pennsylvania, came up with the wild idea of a six-wheeled Geo Tracker. It wasn’t an easy journey to embark on either.

To start with, many shops in the Tri-State area weren’t interested in helping Rafael build such a six-wheeler, let alone a lowrider, but with some perseverance, he finally found D&V Auto Body in Newark, New Jersey, who, along with Ken’s Kustoms in Newark, and with some prodding, were willing to make it happen. After much head scratching and considerable debate, a plan of execution was devised and the project proceeded.

Another Tracker’s rear quarter was acquired, everything was stretched out and the second rear axle was added. While they were at it, all of the handles and emblems were shaved and the license plate received a Frenching. A ground effects kit was added, and Lou at D&V covered it all in gold metalflake paint. Ken of Ken’s Kustoms stepped in and laid down some mean licks to make the whole finish sing with the addition of graphics all over the six-wheeler.

Once the paint had dried, Ken proceeded to juice up the Tracker utilizing Red’s components, including a pair of Competition pumps, four dumps, six cylinders (two in front and four in the rear), six solenoids (Rafael’s favorite number) and eight switches. All of the lines are stainless steel hard lines and three Sears DieHard marine batteries supply the voltage. After all was said and done, the six wheels get the front, back, side-to-side and pancake hydro “love.”

When it was time to work on the interior, Rafael drove on over to see Eric at Everlast Upholstery in Linden, New Jersey. Being a man who likes a drink now and then (not while driving, of course), Rafael had not one, but three bars installed in his “Pickup Sixx,” one in the rear and one behind each of the bucket seats. Doing the interior in classic lowrider style, Eric whipped out the gold and black velour, and went to work covering the entire interior, which also includes mirror accents for that pimpin’ look.

While relaxing with a glass of his favorite beverage, Rafael can check out any one of five Accel video monitors to see his favorite movies, as played through a Clarion VCR. For the music lover in him, there is a Pioneer 7000 CD player/head unit letting a Zappco 5XL crossover do its thing with Zappco 204 and 500 amps making a big bang. Diamond Audio manufactured the mids and highs, and a JL Audio 15w6 woofs out all of the low-end frequencies. Tommy at Sound FX in Spring Valley, New York, made it all happen, and didn’t forget about the gamers either with a Sony PlayStation with remote controllers mounted in each of the doors.

With the addition of six triple-gold Roadster Sportster wheels and BFGoodrich Euro T/As, this Penn state ride was ready for a cruise on the wild side. Hey, Rafael will tell you that six wheels are better than four.

Pickup Sixx
Owner: Rafael Blanco
Vehicle: ’94 Geo Tracker
City/State: Warminster, Pennsylvania
Club: No Affiliation
Engine: Stock 16-valve with custom intake
Setup: Two Red’s Competition pumps, four dumps, six cylinders, 3/4-ton springs, three Sears DieHard marine batteries, eight swithes
Tires: P205/50-R15 BFGoodrich Euro T/A
Wheels: Triple-gold Roadster Sportster