Araz Sahagian of Glendale, California, spent a good two years and emptied out his wallet every month to build this “Phat” ’93 Honda Accord that fits his high-energy lifestyle. The fitness-minded 25-year-old feels the need for speed and custom craftsmanship in order to keep up with today’s intense automotive styles.

Araz first ignited the body work technicians at Kar’s Paint and Body (Canyon Country, California) to clean up the Honda’s family features. They shaved off the less aerodynamic parts like the rubber moldings, emblem holes, windshield water squirters, door handles, rain gutters, keyholes and antenna mounts. There’s no doubt that the shop guys detailed the body to be straighter than an arrow; just run your envious eyes over the body lines for proof.

With the body work in line and looking as good as primer can possibly get, it was time to enter the spray booth at Kar’s. From left to right and back again was the stroke of the painter’s arm delivering a misting cone of dark burgundy with a metallic property. Once the paint dried, the shop guys replaced the stock grille with a billet aluminum piece, added one-piece headlights and designed a custom license plate mount. The list of modifications kept growing too. They ordered front and back custom bumpers, Toyota Celica rear view mirrors, clear lens signal lights and had a burgundy ragtop with a chrome frame installed on the roof.

Now a perfect example of why LRE features “How-To” technical stories on do-it-yourself engine upgrades: Araz worked on the engine himself and drove the Accord into his garage to install a chrome air filter, chrome strut tower bar, polished valve cover and chrome heat shield. He also wrenched on a chrome battery bracket and chrome windshield wipers. A good amount of garage time was spent bent over and tuning the engine, but a ride like this has plenty of custom appeal to attend to, like the interior, stereo and air bag suspension.

Blending the interior and sound equipment so it became seamless was the job of Mike Cox at Professional Auto Sound (West Lake, California) and Bryan Otake at Mobil Fantasy (Sherman Oaks, California). Tweed, vinyl and sunken flames were the ideas and patterns that were tossed around and finally got installed. The Billet Specialty “Thrasher” steering wheel features grippy tweed material and the shifter comes courtesy of Momo Racing. What else did Araz let us in on? How about white gauges, gray dashboard and tweed seats, headliner and door panels?

With the design of the interior complete, it’s easier to install the audio equipment because it’s their own work and they know all about it. The shop installers wired a 7800 Pioneer AM/FM/CD player head unit where the old unit used to be. The doors were engineered to carry Boston Acoustic 11/2-inch tweeters and 61/2-inch midrange speakers, while three Phoenix Gold 12-inch woofers thump in the trunk. Three Phoenix Gold amplifiers share the trunk space with the hidden cones.

Bio Kustoms (San Jacinto, California) equipped the Accord with an air bag system and now there’s not a snake slithering that can make it under the Honda that’s dropped to the ground on 17-inch Concept Neeper Raptor wheels (fully tucked, no doubt). Going back to the interior points us down to the custom fabricated center console (designed and constructed by Mike Cox) at the stick shift and that’s where the suspension controls are located. Three toggle switches trigger two 3-gallon air tanks (muraled with airbrushed skulls) mounted under the rear window package tray lift up the front and rear and then settle down to crush any sneaky snake. In addition, there’s an air pressure gauge and compressor pump switch to get the tank up to pressure.

So why did we aim our lenses at Araz’ Phat ’93? Simply because it’s cool and it’s perfectly in stride with West Coast automotive trends, but that’s not all. Clever Lowrider Euro editor Marco Patino chimed in from his desk, “Because it’s a clean custom car and it’s perfect Euro material.


Owner: Araz Sahagian
Vehicle: ’93 Honda Accord
City/State: Glendale California
Club: Art of Noize C.C.
Engine: Stock 4-cylinder
Setup: Air bag system with two 3-gallon tanks, two compressors and fast valves
Tires: P205/40-ZR17 Falken
Wheels:*nbsp;17-inch Concept Neeper Raptor