Seems like everyone in the Jaramillo family of Whittier, California, enjoys a certain aspect of our niche in the automotive community. Dad and the kids are deep into the racing scene, father Manny has a smokin’ Honda Civic sedan called “Smoke Dogg” that can run circles around the competition with his sons as part of the tradition. Well, Monica Jaramillo, the lady of the house, took a different route with her show-worthy ’97 Mercedes Benz S420 sedan AKA “Mom’s Ride.”

Having different needs such as comfort and security was tops on her list of things that she wanted in a cool car. Therefore, she had her sedan personalized by lowering it with the help of Mike Higgins of Whittier. Mike installed a full air ride system with a little something extra, in this case, nitrogen which makes the system react quicker when hitting the switches. Mike installed Firestone air bladders at each wheel, which all feed air through a 1/2-inch line. Eight valves hooked up to four Firestone air compressors feeding three 5-gallon air tanks keep the Mercedes at the ready when activated.

The exterior was left well alone except for those chrome Giovanna wheels, 21-inch monsters they are. The hides on them monsters are 35-series Dunlop low pro radials that keep the slammed sedan connected to the concrete. Inside, we find gray factory leather that’s as fresh as a daisy but with slight alterations to accommodate a sound system designed and installed by friend Mike Higgins.

Mike didn’t want to make it so complex; user friendly would be the way to go on the install. A Pioneer head unit, along with a DVD play and mini TV would be the nucleus of the multi-media set up. Mike then used Audiobahn tweeters and mids to take care of the upper register, while a pair of 10-inch Audiobahn subwoofers dose out all of the bass in the audio spectrum.

Having already placed First at the Swift Car Show and Third in the Battle 2000 Show-Off, Monica Jaramillo can also bask in her spot of the Euro. Hey, she didn’t even have to race like a speed demon like the rest of her family. You go, mom!


Owner: Monica Jarmillo
Vehicle: ’97 Mercedes Benz S420 sedan
City/State: Whittier, CA
Club: Fast N Easy C.C.
Engine: Stock 5-liter
Setup: Four Firestone compressors, eight valves, 1/2-inch lines, Firestone air bags, three 5-gallon air reservoirs
Tires: P215/35-ZR21 Dunlop
Wheels: Giovanna