USO Midwest 2016 Picnic

The USO Midwest Picnic started three years ago, but it's grown like it's been around for much longer

Each winter, lowrider clubs all around the globe get together to plan picnics for the following year. These meeting are all in support of the lowrider movement, and they’re formed out of passion and not profit. That said, Joe Lang and his club, USO, got together three years ago and the Twin Cities, Minnesota-based club decided it was their time to hold their first picnic.

Now on its third year, the decision is one that is still going strong and they’ve actually become a staple event that the community looks forward to, and this year was no different. Being that the Regional Picnic was attached to this year’s USO picnic, Joe and his crew strived to make it the best yet. They succeeded with a record number of attendances—as well as a whirlwind of vehicle entries.

Held at the spacious Kohler Meadows Park in Vadnais Heights, Minnesota, USO brought chapters from Ohio, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Michigan. Some of the clubs in attendance were: Rollerz Only, Midwest Outlaws, Street Sweepaz, and Stylistics who all came to enjoy a day of fun with the family and food prepared by USO and their wives and girlfriends.

The event ended with a hop that had everyone’s attention. Joe and his crew wish to thank everyone who came to enjoy the USO Midwest Regional Picnic. They are already planning for next year’s event.