Mention the words “Miami Beach” and suddenly you’re in a good mood. Those words almost instantly conjure up images of beautiful beaches, incredible scenery, and, yes, some incredible nightlife and overinflated prices that make this destination spot essentially Las Vegas by the water.

First opened in 1945, the historic Virginia Key Beach Park has served as a place of solace, but for lowriders it’s become known as the meeting spot for the annual 25th Street Riders and USO Car Club picnic that kicks off each New Year. Now in its ninth year of production, the collaborative effort continues to bring good food and entertainment to help kick off the New Year and their last get-together certainly did not disappoint.

Always there to put on a show, Frank from Red’s Miami brought out his hopper and reached for the stars as he catapulted his way to 85 inches on the measuring stick. The vibe was like no other, the weather was spot-on, and in the end it was a fun-filled event that left all who attended in complete exhaustion.

As one of the best lowrider shows in Florida, the USO and 25th Street Riders are already planning their 10th annual picnic and if it’s not already on your bucket list, be sure to include it because you certainly don’t want to miss out.