Denver is a crazy sports town. With three stadiums located in downtown, it’s a sports fan’s dream; you can watch the Broncos land touchdowns, watch the Colorado Rockies bat one out of the park, and when things get a little colder, you can always puck around and take front seat to the their hockey team, the Colorado Avalanche. Of course, if you come looking for outdoor recreation, you won’t be disappointed.

The nearby Rocky Mountains is famous for hiking excursions, rafting, world-class ski slopes, and wildlife. Now, if you’re more into art and architecture, the Highlands neighborhood is packed with Victorian-era homes, hip restaurants, art galleries and a famous ice cream shop in a giant milk can. Step on over to the Art District on Santa Fe and it’s a haven for art lovers. With more than 60 art galleries and colorful murals, Denver has some really inspiring works of art, including the highly popular Emmanuel Martinez mural entitled “Confluent People” on Little Raven Court under Speer Boulevard.

The city with elevated spirits also sports more than 100 breweries and taprooms created by a community of passionate artisans crafting some of the most adventurous beers in the country, and with the Coors Brewery Company setting up shop there since 1873, yes, Colorado is definitely hoppy heaven!

So now that I’ve given you a breakdown of all the great things to do in this intense city, the one activity that has become an annual highlight is the Lowrider Denver Super Show, which takes place at the National Western Complex. The enormous hall has always been filled to the brim when it comes to lowriders, and that has never been a problem for the Denver lowrider faithful. This show has never failed to bring out a huge crowd to support the consistent 500-plus entries that load up the place. As the years have gone by, Denver has begun to raise the bar when it comes to the quality of their builds. There are way more 20×20 display spots than ever before and because of this everyone has taken notice that the Denver lowriding community is the high altitude of LOWriding.

The interest in the Denver lowriding scene has even sparked a surge of clubs traveling from out of state; even some crazy weather-dropping snow just days before the show did little to stop them from taking the maiden voyage. Many of those long-distance car clubs hauled their rides in trucks and trailers and were stranded in the snow, some even had to be towed back into town, but despite the dangers they still braved the conditions. During the show I spoke with George and his crew from the Originals Car Club and with a crazy smile he said it was a journey worth taking in order to support and experience Denver’s love for the lowrider culture.

Arriving days before the show was to take place was the Lowrider Rig and the move-in staff that includes Jose Martinez, Carlos Lima, Jason Campbell, and Anthony Garcia. Once the best of the best rides were all guided to their permanent display locations, the judging crew of George Torrez, Alex Ochoa, Robert Delaney, Alfredo Figueroa, and Rob “Bird” Ryce arrived to start totaling each exhibit’s points to find out who the winners were to be. In short, they all had their jobs cut out for them.

During the daylong festivities, the concert popped off with some of the crowd’s favorite artists, while the hop contest had the headlights of some crazy builds pointed toward the sky. Of course, none of this would have ever been possible without the support of Lowrider show sponsors Hoppo’s Suspension Works, Krazy Kutting Parts & Inventory, Xtreme Auto Soundz, and Street Cred Lowrider Bicycles.

In closing, a special thanks goes out to all who were in attendance and support and also the one and only Kid J who was the master of all ceremonies at this fantastic show weekend. Mark your calendars for next year’s event because Denver is in it to win it, and the ambiance is one that is best experienced in person.