Celebrating Together car club’s 40th anniversary, we were taken down memory lane to a time when the future was the last thing on their minds and all that mattered was representing on the boulevard. The commemorative banquet held in Whittier, CA. was an evening of recollecting those golden years of lowriding. We tentatively listened as their members shared stories of this historic car club and their simple beginnings at a Pico Rivera gas station. “We were different guys from different clubs that wanted to be part of a street style club that would hold its own in both Whittier and the carshows,” says Adam. While the approximately 10 or so original members would have never imagined their groundwork would become the foundation for what this club has achieved, they are grateful for the growth they’ve seen. Chapters in Chicago and Los Angeles serve as the constant reminder of what they have accomplished. While Together cc would go on to establish themselves at classic shows such as Memories of El Monte, Wilson High School, and Santa Fe Springs, it’s their tight knit family style club that has made them pass the test of time. Additional clubs such as Klique, long time carshow rival Techniques and Highclass were in attendance to mark this historic milestone. The evening continued with President Ricardo “Chico” Martinez leading the awards ceremony and with so many lifetime members in attendance, there was no shortage of hardware to be handed out. As the live band began to perform some of those favorite oldies jams, the old memories slowly began to be replaced with new ones, and even a few daydreams of what the next forty years may bring about. Regardless of what that future holds, you can bet that it will always be “Together and together forever.”