The Lowrider Super Show is such an amazing showcase for beautiful car builds and art of all kinds. Not only do all the best cars from around the country, even the world, show up. People also bring out everything they can to showcase their talents. From pedal cars to hoppers, to beautiful bombers, the Lowrider Super Show has it all.
The one thing that all these cars and builds have in common is the theme of individuality. Nothing says individuality like a custom one of a kind art piece on your car. That’s why we are going to highlight some of the art pieces that caught our eye during the 2013 Lowrider Super Show.

Getting a custom art piece on a part of your car you spent your whole life building is just like getting a tattoo. Since all these pieces are done by hand and with paint, one slight mistake can ruin the entire build for life. On the other hand, a perfectly executed mural can transform your ride into a one of a kind piece of rolling art.

While most of these pieces have strong themes relating back to death, money, and women, you can see that all of them are distinctively different. It’s mind blowing to see all the different styles and techniques used to create a perfect masterpiece that will last an eternity. We can’t wait to see what artwork is in store for us at the next Lowrider Super Show.