With each car club we chronicle, we are invited to catch a small glimpse to what makes that individual club unique and separate from all the others. From the particular music they listen to, to listening to their stories, which have often evolved into legendary tales retold time and time again. The celebrated Stylistics car club is no different. We had the honor to accompany them during one of the most coveted milestones for any club. Celebrating their 30th anniversary, the Stylistics car club gave us an insider’s look, one that allowed us to slowly tear away at the layers that make this car club so special.

While their humble beginnings can be traced back to the parking lot of a Montgomery Ward in the city of Lynwood. Their story actually began when two members defected from an existing club in search of a more family based car club. With the name Stylistics, I am sure you’ve already taken a guess from where that came from. The answer its yes, during their initial meetings and tossing varies names around, the oldies playing in the background would eventually inspire their namesake. This anniversary evening would continue with stories reminding us of some of their hallmark cars such as, Sky’s The Limit, Natural High which has been redone 3 times and probably the most notable being a 1963 Impala, Touch of Gold. Which was featured in a little movie named Boys In The Hood. As the club grew, so did their reputation for being a club that could hold their own in the carshows but were always on the scene cruising the boulevard. Their calling card would come via the paint jobs. “We became known for the ribbon designs that would adorn the hood, roof or bodylines”, says Angel Ibarra who is now president of the club. Those ribbons would eventually become their trademark and are often imitated to this day. Throughout the 90’s and 2000’s the club that initially began with approximately 12 members, would see an expansion that would cross the Atlantic Ocean. Chapters began to pop up from Antelope Valley to Dallas and all the way to Japan. The growth of the club was demonstrated with the over 200 people in attendance during this event. The festive evening slowly began to come to an end as awards were handed out throughout the night, live music playing, new memories created and new stories involving hopes and dreams of what the next 30 years could hold will surely become part of their folklore.