Soundset Festival 2017

True to it, not new to it

Decades ago, lowriders were looked down upon by the majority. In fact, entering a lowrider into a car show was just about non-existent because they either didn’t have a classification for it or they just didn’t want them there. Yet as time passed so have all the negative stereotypes associated with it, and now more than ever people are finally appreciating the lifestyle. So when Soundset decided to open up a lowrider show as part of their venue, it was not only an achievement for lowriding history but also an honor.

Located in St Paul, Minnesota, Soundset holds the crown for being the king of rap festival. Initially launched as a hip-hop party in the mid ’90s, Soundset grew in popularity and throughout the years they’ve continually expanded the size of their venues.

Now in its 10th year of production, Soundset 2017 set stage at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds and the show included four stages with more than 40 artists performing. From b-boy battles to live DJs, artists painting live, and skateboard demos, the show was already a hit, but the addition of a lowrider show added even more variety to their famous namesake.

Much in thanks to Rhymesayers O.G. and cofounder of Los Nativos Phillip Espinoza-Day, the pair had suggested adding a custom lowrider show to Soundset. The first year showcased about 30 vehicles and in 2017 the numbers catapulted to well over 150 custom vehicles.

With over 35,000 spectators on hand, the crowd at Soundset was treated to the smash hits of some heavy hitters, including Lauryn Hill, T.I., Gucci Mane, Brother Ali, E-40, and Atmosphere, just to name a few.

“I’m honored and proud to be able to bring the Lowrider community to this hip-hop festival,” Espinoza-Day tells LRM. “It’s a good way to introduce the Lowrider lifestyle to people who normally would never see it.”

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