To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Royals Car Club of Las Vegas decided to host their celebration in conjunction with their annual Easter day picnic. With perfect weather conditions, it was neither too hot nor too cold and it encouraged plenty of local riders to come out and play.

One by one, the city’s tastemakers and influencers came out in full force, and among those in attendance were clubs such as Klique, One1Luv, Los Angeles Familia, and Streetwise, just to mention a few. The Dukes took advantage of the shindig and decided to bring out a few of their bombs, while Lowrider Style Car Club followed suit. As cars cruised up and down the park, the smell of barbecued carne asada and chicken filled the air.

As the bellows of smoke came to a bare minimum and stomachs engorged from the eating frenzy, it came just in time for the start of the hop. As expected, Mike “Cracker” Thiessen, who also happened to bring out his new 1961 Chevy Impala convertible, kicked off the hop.

In all this annual event was a success. With some coming all the way from Kansas, the Royals Car Club Easter Picnic was a highly anticipated event that didn’t disappoint. With plenty of laughter and camaraderie, it’s days like these we cherish. With friends, family, lowriders, and food, we couldn’t have asked for more and we’d like to congratulate them on yet another successful event. As a club, they’ve helped set the standard for lowriding in Las Vegas and as they continue to evolve we’re confident that departed lowriding legend (and former Royals president) Big Dave is looking down with a big smile knowing that his family is carrying on the legacy of a car club that was built out of communal respect and admiration for our culture.