Lowrider custom paint is always raw and beautiful to the imagination. Invented mixes of unique colors of paint that are sprayed within a frame of work or body style on a metal canvas become exclusive and unique lowrider paint schemes. The countless hours of masking tape and masking paper provided before each color is applied goes unseen and unnoticed, but what’s amazing is the fact that each and every custom painter knows where he is headed and how the results of his or her eventual creation will turn out to be. That is part of the gift within the talent that each artistic painter expresses when they are creating their vision. Sometimes lowrider paintjobs are known for wild colors, with no limits to intricate designs, but for the most part the colors have become more coordinated and complementary. As I said, and as we all know, each and every lowrider paintjob is exclusive and there will never be one alike! See for yourself from what we witnessed at the recent Albuquerque Super Show.