If you’ve recently attended any car show or cruised any local boulevard, chances are you’ve witnessed one car club in particular hitting the scene like never before. When you see them there’s no mistaking who just invaded your town. With a barrage of full-custom streetcars covered in engraving, candy paintjobs, and completely custom interiors they’ve built a reputation for putting on a show. You’ll typically see them locked up high or three-wheeling in full glory. That club? Highclass. Their mission? To let you you know they’ve arrived.

In celebration of their 40th anniversary, we met up with this notorious car club at Elysian Park for what they called, “A little get together.” But get to know the club and you’ll soon realize that there’s nothing “little” about anything they do. They brought out approximately 50 cars and a handful of their nearly 10 chapters, such as Valle Imperial, SFV, Inland Empire, and the original Los Angeles chapter. As we spoke to the some of the members, we could see the allure in joining one of the nation’s fastest growing car clubs. “It’s like one big family,” Highclass member Roberto says. With Luis “Speedy” Rodriguez at the wheel, Highclass is achieving levels even he had never dreamed about. The club has expanded at a record pace, even overseas. From California to Miami all the way to Japan, the club even has an Australia chapter in the works.

Currently boasting well over 80 cars on the street, they’ve set their mark on the Lowrider world. But from the look of things, they’re just getting started. With 40 years of lowriding history behind them, you can bet there will be plenty of stories to share during their upcoming banquet celebration. So as they continue to celebrate these historic milestones, we’ll be there to capture every moment of it.