G-Body Fest 2017

The Red-Headed Stepchild's Successful Event

With the recent price hike of classic Impalas and Cadillacs, it’s making it much more difficult to afford one. As a result, the midsize G-body is experiencing a bit of a renaissance. Once considered the “red-headed stepchild” of lowriding, this iconic grouping of cars has undergone a sway of opinion and an upsurge of popularity. In fact, it’s become its own subculture; Oscar Segura has been part of this movement for quite some time.

Looking to expand the G-body presence, Segura decided it was finally time to give these vehicles a dedicated platform. He wanted these cars and their owners to have a stage of their own, so he decided to create a show and chose OG Mike’s in Santa Ana, California, as the venue for his event.

With just a little promotion, the show had over 200 cars in attendance and packed the facility to the brim. Many solo riders showed, but Maniacos Car Club was out in full force with their recently featured cover cars. Local clubs such as Uniques, Our Style Stylistics, and Klique made their presence felt, but it was Highclass that stole the show. They popped up at the show in full display mode and brought not one but two full-blown show vehicles.

Street Entertainment had a line of catchphrase tees for sale, while G-body Wear was offering his latest installment of G-body-inspired T-shirts and accessories. In all, the show is poised to become an annual tradition and plans are already well underway to find a much larger venue to keep up with demand.