We’re taking you on a quick trip to 2007 as we tour the halls of the Petersen Automotive Museum during their “La Vida Lowrider: Cruising the City of Los Angeles” lowrider exhibit. Comprised of 23 curated lowrider cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and even a few pedal cars, the display was available to the public and spanned a 6-month period.

This was actually the second Lowrider-based exhibit featured at the Petersen, the first having taken place seven-years prior, called “Arte y Estilo: The Lowriding Tradition.” That initial effort focused on the birth of the movement as it established itself following World War II, and it would be the museum’s most widely celebrated event.

Petersen Museum regularly compiles collections of vehicles for specific themes that have included vintage race cars, Japanese classics, art cars and many more. Some of the more prominent collections remain in place for up to 6-months, giving locals and visitors a chance to experience the various cultures and styles offered by different automotive circles.

Our coverage of Petersen exhibit in ’08 and Gypsy Rose goes historic:
La Vida Lowrider 2008
Gypsy Rose at “Cars at the Capital”

For La Vida Lowrider, the curation of vehicles included bombs, euros and full-blown, award-winning show lowriders spread throughout the facility. Chrome and one-off custom paint was polished to perfection and murals proudly displayed for many visitors that, if not for the exhibit, may have never encountered a lowrider in person.

Take a moment to enjoy this photo gallery packed with some of the very best the Petersen had on display in 2007-08, including our very own Joe Ray’s ’71 Riviera.