Twin Falls, Idaho, doesn’t necessarily conjure up images of candy-painted lowriders, oil-stained driveways, and burned-out solenoid smoke bellowing through the air. In fact, those were the furthest things from our minds while the guys from Goodtimes Car Club Idaho proudly gave us a tour of their city. The more we drove around, the more we could see how a lowriding revival could someday come to this bustling city. But through our own eyes it seems as if the lowrider revival has already begun, and the evidence started at the Summer Showdown.

This year’s Summer Showdown featured nearly 200 cars. In its third year of production, Victor Hernandez and Richard Linares are the brains behind what has become known as a must-attend car show. And why not? The show features something for everyone. From clothing vendors to eateries, live music to exhibits, the show was action packed with some serious talent and some damn serious lowriders. Local boys such as Legacy, New Impressions, Unique Lifestyle, and the newly established Viejitos Idaho chapter came to show out. Goodtimes Car Club was, as usual, the club to beat. With fellow members coming all the way from Utah, you just knew they were only going to bring the heavy hitters.

Local custom bike shop Bonneville Baggers brought out three of their latest builds. One of which is a tribute and exact replica of the 1961 Impala convertible dubbed “Stairway to Heaven,” a former Lowrider magazine cover car. While the cars and bikes seemed to be the stars of the show, the real headlining act was the check given to C.A.S.A., an organization that is committed to representing the best interests of abused and neglected children. “Each year the show continues to get bigger and bigger,” Victor says. “And each year we are fortunate enough to be able to donate more and more,” he continues. So after visiting Idaho, we are pleased to announce that the lowrider lifestyle is thriving in the small community of Twin Falls and we can’t wait to see what new custom creations they drop next year.