We shot out to Toronto for the annual Majestics BBQ, and after a few detours it kicked off just like we had expected. After unforeseen circumstances, they had to find an alternate location, choosing Marie Curtis Park. Had this happened 10 years ago it would have been a fiasco but thanks to social media and a few well-placed phone calls, they were able to spread the word and get the squad back in formation.

With heavy clouds rolling in on the horizon, it would have been more than enough to scare off anyone in Cali, but not the T-Dots. Even a few light sprinkles didn’t stop the show and before we knew it the parking lot was full of big smiles and badass cars.

Most of the cars were from Toronto but a few took the trek, among them was Luxurious from Montreal, Detroit Majestics, and Those Dudes from Ohio. A small show compared to those held in Los Angeles, this show was about quality over quantity. With some epic showpieces and some incredibly detailed cars, the show was worth its weight in gold.

But check this, the Majestics hired a gourmet cook to provide free breakfast burgers for everyone in attendance, and lemme tell you they killed it. Soon after, the hop began and it was time for “Pinky” (the Monte Carlo from Ohio) to go in, and man he didn’t disappoint. The hop ended with Skinny (Switches & Thangs) hopping his Town Car and after hitting back bumper 13 times consecutively the crowd went wild.

By day’s end, the award ceremony began and Luxurious Car Club walked away with the Most Members Award, and with the show wrapped up it’s safe to say that we’re looking forward to heading back to The Six in hopes of a repeat of a must-attend event.