In 2008 Zach Wilson was looking to invite some friends for a get-together. He wanted a desolate place where they could hang out and BBQ so he called the shindig the Wild Wild West Showdown and chose his location: West Bottoms of Kansas City, Missouri.

It was the perfect location—a ghost town filled with abandoned buildings that in an odd way is quite similar to backdrops at Universal Studios. At the time, the town was desolate and ready for inhabitants but no one was ready for what was about to happen, not even Zach. On the day of the get-together, the overwhelming turnout was all Zach needed to realize that he’d started something special, so he built upon the first show and at the next event made trophies and created a small hopping pit for the cars and trucks.

As time went on, Zach received help from SouthSide Car Club who volunteered to sponsor and help staff the show to make sure it flourished. Since then, the Wild Wild West Showdown has grown in leaps and bounds while continuing to host the show on the same block on the same street. And now that the West Bottoms is no longer a ghost town, many employees from local business make sure to mark their calendars so they can enjoy festivities at the Showdown.

Zach wishes to thank the hard working men and women who came together to help put on the best show in Kansas City. In addition, he’d like to thank all the spectators and participants who came to enjoy a day of fun. “It’s absolutely rewarding to be able to introduce people to the lowrider culture;” Zach tells LR, “from the older people who just happen to be shopping in the neighborhood to the enthusiast who drives here from across three other states to enjoy the show.”