2017 Seafair Weekend Festival

When an entire city throws a party, you already know it's going to be a long weekend

When Roger Troutman sang the chorus “California knows how to party” he wasn’t kidding—but he probably also never visited Seattle for their annual Seafair Festival. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to discredit Cali, but the annual Seafair Festival is absolutely insane.

The Seafair Festival started back in 1950 and today it’s pushing phenomenal numbers. With over 30 community events, 10 signature events, and over 2 million people reached, this is not just a festival, it’s a major production. With the help of 3,000 volunteers and 68 years in the making, Seafair has over 30 communities in the Seattle area simultaneously hosting events to kick off summer.

As part of their event, the Jubilee-Days committee asked our good friends from Eazy Duz It to be in charge of hosting a car show, and they agreed. They were granted space on 17th Avenue between 98th and 100th Streets, and what looked like a massive amount of space wound up being jam-packed with well over 200 cars—and let’s not forget the countless amount of cars that had to be turned away.

At the show, thousands of spectators enjoyed the majesty of the city’s best custom cars, and along with the eye candy were raffles as well as hydraulic building competitions. A special ceremony at the event also honored a few lowriding veterans who helped pave the way for lowriding and the club; in all it was an automotive heaven.

Due to the overwhelming response, plans are already underway to grant this attraction more space, so stay tuned and stay up to date because next year is going to be wild. Till then, enjoy the pics and feel free to visit them at www.seafair.com.