2017 Dallas Autorama

The Big Show in Big D

The Lowrider Road Show headed out and over to Texas after previously making a Tour Stop in Kansas for the Autorama/World of Wheel series of events. The next show visit was held at the Dallas Market Hall. Like always, there was a wide array of feature attractions, activities, events, and celebrity attractions. We really enjoy bringing you coverage of the Autorama and World of Wheels events across the country because we get a chance to bring you ideas from the latest styles and creative quality builds each city and town has to showcase.

As expected the Dallas Autorama featured a full array of feature attractions. From the cars to the activities, celebrities to the cars, it’s a pleasure to bring you coverage from this major event. The show gave us all a chance to be inspired by the workmanship, creativity, time, and money spent on all these vehicles and it’s a platform that allows you to dream at the expense of others-literally. Like all the shows past, the quality of the builds was impeccable, and we could only imagine the amount of time and money spent creating some of these wicked rides.

During the three-day extravaganza there were plenty of street rods, trucks, and muscle cars, along with a special section of lowriders that were featured both indoor and out. Saturday and Sunday’s outdoor exhibit brought in the locals from the Big “D,” as lowrider clubs were granted permission to cruise in, park, and check out the show.

As you all well know, these events are more than just car shows. They are automotive festivals that combine the best of all things classic. The sprinkling of celebrity appearances and the swap meet arena were all great attractions. The WWE had wrestling champion the “Big Show” signing autographs for hours, while the custom legend himself, Gene Winfield, was putting on a performance art show that had him chopping a top on a 1956 Cadillac. After watching him work with his hammer and torch, I was in amazement on how this man has the energy to continue metal fabbing from town to town.

Check out our coverage of this latest show and be sure to stay posted as we plan on attending the rest of their 2017 show circuit events, which will go down in Chicago and Omaha. Till next time, be sure to visit them online to catch more coverage as well as tour dates.