2017 Chicago World of Wheels

35 Million+ Worth of Cars in One Show? Yep.

Chicago is well known for many things. From Wrigley Field to Al Capone, Dillinger to Bernie Mac, Chicago is a breeding ground for some legendary personalities and companies. I mean seriously, Oprah Winfrey is from there. You’ve got the Bulls, Bears, and Cubbies, and when it comes to technology we can thank Chicago for the TV remote (Zenith) and the car radio (Motorola). But hey, let’s not forget to mention the Chicago deep-dish pizza, Chicago-style hot dogs, and those damn Italian beef sandwiches that are made to perfection.

But that’s not all! Sharing in the greatness of the aforementioned is a car show that you may have heard of. The show? World of Wheels. The city? None other than the Windy City itself.

This three-day event just recently celebrated its 55th year in production and it was held at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont. The show is a part of a series of car shows that are held all over the nation, and it showcases North Central’s top street rods, muscle cars, trucks, motorcycles, and lowriders. The huge venue consists of five halls and it includes a wide range of vendor booths with products and services related to the automotive and auto parts sectors. In short, it’s packed with enough products and car parts to keep you dreamy—or drive you broke.

Besides all the celebrity entertainment and autograph sessions, each hall had its own exclusive show within its own area. Among the attractions, “Tin City,” which showcased nothing but nostalgic and full custom leadsleds. “Cycle Rama,” Chicago’s premier custom motorcycle show had a hall all to its own, and surrounding these attractions were a few football fields of space jam packed with radical street rods and muscle cars, including the “Ridler of the Year” vehicle on display. Also sitting in a hall of its own was the “Lowrider Nation” attraction. Along with the Lowrider rig and a pair of SoCal customs, the attraction was a testament of the Chi Town lowrider scene, and boy did they come deep. Since 1980, Chicago lowriders staked their ground and never gave way. Instead they created their own legacy and today they have grown to become a force to reckon with. Also included in this mix were lowriders who traveled from San Diego, El Paso, Arizona, and the New Mexico.

It came as no surprise that the quality of these cars was spectacular. The entire lowrider exhibit was filled with brilliant colors, bright chrome, an air of creativity, and a welcoming committee like no other. Then again, lowriding is about spreading positivity and welcoming others to our scene, so thanks again for the hospitality and for proving once again that lowriding is a family affair.

In all this was definitely a memorable experience. Not only was it great to travel to one of the most beautiful cities in the country, but it was great to experience how Chicago and World of Wheels does lowriding. To step foot in one of the most beautiful cities is great but to see just how Chicago holds down the lowrider scene is incredible—these guys are relentless! There is also no disconnect when it comes to their levels of competition and quality, and after being treated to all the famous foods in the city, it’s safe to say that the food is merely an extension of the quality found all throughout the Windy City. Viva Chicago!