Few places can make you smile and imagine fun simply by their name like Vegas, Disney, and Wisconsin Dells. The Vegas of waterparks, Wisconsin Dells in south-central Wisconsin takes its name from the Dells of Wisconsin River. Because of the scenery provided by the river, it quickly became a travel destination. Waterparks are lined all through the city, with Mt. Olympus being the largest and most popular. Show promoter James Sweat decided to capitalize on this popular spot and brought together a car and truck show.

2016 mt olympus car and truck show stylistics car club impala

Over 500 vehicles crossed through the registration booth and lined the spacious waterpark parking lot. With rollercoasters surrounding the entire show, it gave families and spectators plenty to do throughout the two-day event. Bleachers were brought in for a burnout competition and then the anticipated hydraulic hop. Two stages were constructed for the show, giving both sides opportunity to hear different styles of music. Sweat wishes to thank everyone who came out and had a great time at the Mt. Olympus Car & Truck Show.

2016 mt olympus car and truck show olds mobile cutlass