What is the “Great Lowrider Migration”? It’s similar to the Great Wildebeest Migration in Africa but instead of land mammals gathering their young and moving in a circular motion from the Serengeti Plains to the Masai Mara Game Reserve in search of rain-ripened grass and water, it’s lowrider enthusiasts loading up their tricked-out rides on trailers and their Super Duty trucks packed with snacks and SpongeBob episodes for the kids and heading to Sin City from every corner of the country with the hopes of placing at the only real “Super Show.”

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For some, the migration starts as early as the Tuesday or Wednesday but for most it’s the Thursday night and Friday morning before the show when they are on the move. No interstate is as busy as Northbound I-15 as it connects Southern California to Las Vegas and it has plenty of watering holes (aka gas stations).

Before making the migration, the cars must be handpicked and approved by our editor and LOWRIDER Hall of Famer, Joe Ray. With room for one about 600 rides, many that registered are denied, as we are limited with the amount of room we have. During the move-in, we always get a few non-registered rides that make it into the show due to no-shows. We believe that the no-shows are due to them not finishing the final details on the car, having car trouble on the road, or other personal reasons. Whatever the reason, we wish them the best and hope everyone that makes the long voyage to be safe on the road.

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At 10 a.m. the gates opened up to the nearly 20,000 attendees who were greeted at the gate by Mariachi Los Charritos de Las Vegas. As they made their way in, they first came across all the vendor booths like Krazy Kutting who had a ton of custom cut and engraved parts ready for the picking. Next to them was Hoppo’s who were kept busy all day slanging hydraulics parts. Everyone was copping the latest David Gonzales tees at the DGA booth before going over to Logos Two and placing their custom order for their letterman jacket.

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Once they made it indoor they were greeted with some of the baddest rides from across the nation. The centerstage belonged to the heavy hitters, like Blvd Madness. The 1965 SS belongs to Jesse Saldana of Thee Artistics. Behind him was Eric Wisterman with his yellow 1962 Impala, “Breaking Bad.” The deuce broke everyone’s neck with its flawless motor and exceptional murals by Alberto Herrera. Chris Roark was put dead center with this 1958 Impala named “Final Score.” Bobby Garcia had the final center spot with his 1987 Cutlass, “RM Series.” To the surprise of many, the Cutlass did get a complete makeover as it had done in previous years. Rumor has it that Bobby has something else cooking in the kitchen, but only time will tell. A few of the cars that debuted at the show were Jesse “Chuce” Coria’s 1961 Impala. This Ace has been in the works for many years. The build hit many roadblocks and it didn’t get completed until Bobby Garcia stepped in and took the 1961 to Texas to have the Leal brothers finish it. Another car was Fuzzy’s black 1957 Bel Air called “The King of Chevys.” If you don’t know why the car is named this, then you didn’t get a good look at it.

This year High Class Car Club showed strong with about 40 entries, all of them dripping in chrome, candy, and fully engraved. South Side came out and showed how they dominate the ’50s class with a lineup that consisted of full show rags. Oldies Car Club never fails to show up with full show bombs.

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At 11 a.m. the hop exhibition began and once it was over, the area was cleared out for the concert that began with Rodney O. and Joe Cooley, followed by Frost, WC, and finished off with LSOB.

As the desert sun set on the day, everyone began picking up their displays while other were quick to the boulevard to be prepared for next year’s migration.

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