The Family First Car Show has become an annual event that we look forward to each year, but this time around they added a little twist. It all went down at the McClellan Airfield and as expected the show was on full tilt, and there were plenty of friends, family, and familiar faces in the crowd—and we almost forgot to mention the concert.

2016 family first car show traffic car club 1962 impala

“We’ve done shows before but never a concert and show, so this was going to be a first for us,” Rich Wong, president of the club, explained. Before the show they had just over 300 cars preregistered but on the day of the show over 600 cars show up. “We were caught off guard with the amount of cars that showed up but we were able to squeeze in 580 cars, and had to turn away close to 100,” he adds.

Some of the heavy hitters that made it to the show were Perfect Score, The Mothership, Breaking Bad, and El Perucho. As for the concert, well, they brought through some names you’ll recognize, like the Midnight Players, Con Funk Shun, and Mercy Me.

2016 family first car show individuals car club glasshouse

Now that the show has been wrapped up, we asked about any future plans for next year’s show, and they’ve already started planning. They’re going to have the show in the same location but they’re planning on ramping up the square footage they reserve. The move is one that’s being done to accept more cars, but in addition, they’re going to be giving out twice as many awards, up the prize money, and you can expect a bigger headliner. So if you missed this year’s show, make it a point to show up next year.