The first Texas Showdown was held in Houston this past summer. While traveling to the show, the sky looked gray and not promising for clear weather. As we arrived at the show, the sky began to clear up above this outside show, creating a natural spotlight on the cars. Impressed by the magnitude of the event, this first-time event pulled in more than 500 cars and 8,000 spectators. The Showdown team carefully planned the show and made it clear that this would be a Texas-size show that included cars, trucks and motorcycles.

At the Showdown there was something for everybody. We, of course, went for the ladies, oh yeah, and the cars, too. With big sponsors and big money pay-offs, the show brought out the best of the best to compete. Talking about the best, Richard Zamora took First Place in the Civic class and also took home Best of Show. In the Accord Wild class, the rights belonged to Chris Montano. In the Acura Wild class, Nasir Zulfigar took home the gold. In the Female class, Cindy Novasad sat on top with the help of BHP Technologies.

The crowd went wild with the biggest booty contest in Texas. The ladies strutted their stuff, shaking it any way possible for the $500 prize, but in the end, Kerri Karalis had the winning moves. They also had the Crank It Up contest where Mark and Mikey from the USAC team worked all day to see who had the best stereo in town. The Voodoo Racing stunt team were showing how not to use your bike on the streets with their killer moves and stunts that made the crowd and specially the ladies go wild. One of the top prizes was given away by Chaotic Rods and Customs in the form of a $1,500 custom paint job. The Party 104.9 had the crowd moving to the latest hip-hop and the 97.9 Kracker Nuttz had everybody laughing at their crazy jokes.

As the day went by, it started to sprinkle for a little while, making everybody seek shelter. Even the weather acting up was not enough to dampen the fun. As the day came to an end, we met up with Jason, Darryl and Mike to congratulate them on their Texas-size triumph and thanked them for inviting us. The Showdown team would like to thank everybody who was involved in the show, especially the sponsors and all of the people who came out to experience the show.