L.A. Story

Sharing Our History And Culture Responsibly

To celebrate the culture, heritage, and lifestyle of the classic lowrider, Exodus Events orchestrated a one-night shindig called “L.A. Story.” The event, which was held at the Plaza de La Raza in Lincoln Park, became home for thousands of spectators who took to the walls to appreciate the art, and later in the evening, lent their eyes, ears, and feet to musical performances by LRS Xposure and the legendary headliner, Tierra.

As if that weren’t enough to get you out for the evening, the kind folks at El Jimador provided drinks for the evening, in turn leaving attendees in high spirits as they were given a chance to appreciate the evening.

Family is a huge part of the lowrider culture, and it was everywhere to be seen at...

Founded by Antonio Pelayo and co-founder, Steve Guerrero from Exodus Events, L.A. Story was a mid-summer night affair that gave us all a chance to soak in the past, while enjoying the present. Aside from sharing our culture and giving us good ambiance to revel in, the event also served as a benefit for Plaza de La Raza.

Hosted by Compton Dave and Lala Romero, the event was also sponsored by Petersen Museum, as well as Lowrider Magazine. In all, it was a great event, which we hope will repeat itself, and the pictures speaks a thousand tales about a night that attendees won’t forget, and a night of regret for those who weren’t able to make it out.

The L.A. Story

Pep Williams – Art Exhibit Curator

Antonio Pelayo – Founder

Steve Guerrero – Co-Founder

MC Pancho – Emcee

Lala Romero – Host

Compton Dave – Host

Exodus Events – Event Producers

Chaz Bojorquez – Exhibiting Artists

Julian Mendoza – Exhibiting Artists

El Jimador – Top Sponsor

Petersen Museum – Top Sponsor

Lowrider Magazine – Top Sponsor

Maria Jimenez Torres – Executive

Director for Plaza de La Raza

Enrique Castillo – Celebrity Guest

Jesse Valadez Jr. – Owner, Gypsy Rose

LA Story host Compton Dave poses for a photo in front of Gypse Rose with Jesse...