The size and popularity of this show has grown over the past year. The show was sold out in three days with 105 show entries. “That was the fastest the show has sold out and most of the entries came from San Diego and Los Angeles,” explained Alex Penaloza, the show’s promoter.

The show took place at Plaza El Tigre in the Marian Matamoros area of Tijuana. The show featured three groups who played oldies and they also had guest DJ Raul Gonzales who has an oldies radio show in Tijuana. Several food vendors were on site, but the most popular one was selling michiladas.

Many car clubs and solo riders came out, including a green ’66 Impala convertible that debuted at the show. Plaque awards were given out to the category winners, but the top five best of show also took home custom-made rings.

“I don’t do this show to make money, I do it to show what Tijuana is about. Many people don’t come because they think it’s dangerous, but it’s not any more dangerous than any large city. I also do it because I want the people from here to see the type of cars that are being built in the states, especially since it’s difficult for many from here to travel up there,” says Penaloza. The show’s popularity has outgrown its current location, so plans to find a larger location are in the works and we will be there once again to cover it.