New Style Car Club has been building vehicles with “Quality since 1974” just like their motto states. On September 13, 2014 the club hosted a dinner and dance in Modesto, California, to celebrate 40 years of New Style’s existence. With the hall filled to capacity, it was time to get the venue started. After dinner, everyone in attendance received an engraved glass with New Style 40th anniversary logo as a party favor. They then proceeded to acknowledge people who helped out on the event by giving them a plaque of appreciation.

Some of the older members shared stories of the clubs beginnings; one gentleman even shared a New Style tattoo he got in 1974 on his arm. Active New Style members received a 40th anniversary pin. Members with 10 years of commitment received a ring with a diamond and for every additional five years they will be adding a stone to the member’s ring. After the award ceremony everybody celebrated by dancing the night away. Congratulations New Style on your 40-year journey.