The city of Española wanted a lowrider-inspired art show the day before the big Lowrider magazine sanctioned car show in New Mexico. The city decided to sponsor the location, and ultimately chose Toby Morfin as the curator because of his knowledge in the lowrider art scene. “I collaborated with my friend Moises to choose the group of artists that would fit the shows theme,” says Toby. With the people that he knew from New Mexico and the ones that Moises had met at a previous show in Oceanside, California, they knew they could bring in the right people for the exhibit. There were over a dozen artists from Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and New Mexico that were invited to participate in the show. Some of the artwork on display included Bugs, Mickey Horton, Ricardo Islas and the legendary Gilbert Magu Lujan who passed away in 2011 to name a few. “I think it was great to see the different style of artwork come together,” says Toby. “This was the biggest lowrider art exhibit to come to Española and I’m proud to be a part of it.”