Good Times Car Club – 1st Annual Salt Lake City Show

Lowrider On The Scene

Salt Lake City’s last car show of the year was a hit for the Utah Valley Lowriders. Good Times car club, along with Centro Civico Mexicano, put on their first annual car show on September 16, 2012 in downtown Salt Lake City. The car show landed on Mexican Independence day, and included live music and entertainers to pay tribute. Great weather with clear skies also made for a great day for the 75 cars and 15 bikes that were registered for the show. The car show was a success and marked the first year of many more to come for the region. There were various car clubs supporting this year’s show including Como Te Gusta, Luxurious, Loco Motion, Compas, Sick Wit It, Ultimate Riders, Classic Lowriders, Hustlers, Firme Image, and other Good Times members from surrounding states.

Gary Smith stole the show by hopping his 1961 Convertible Impala for a stunning 80 inches! Pat Evej, from Firme Image, came home with the Best of Show with his 1963 Impala. Mel Garcia, also from Firme Image, came in 2nd place and Rick Carbajal from Classic Lowriders came in 3rd place.

This show seemed to bring a lot of unity within the small Lowriding community, and having it on Mexico’s Independence Day with Centro Civico as the back drop gave the show a special sense of pride. Utah’s Centro Civico was founded in 1930 by Mexican immigrants and their mission; “to promote the spirit of unity and collaboration among all Hispanic, to foster greater appreciation and awareness of the rich heritage and history of Mexican and other Hispanic cultures, [and] to enhance the educational and socio-economic well being of Mexican and other Hispanics,” was definitely felt at this event. A true sense of pride and accomplishment carried throughout the crowd during the day, and this tradition can only continue thanks to the hard work of Good Times car club