The number 13 is considered unlucky by many. These people superstitiously believe that the number brings misfortune and will do anything to avoid using it or being associated with it in any way. For others, the number is considered lucky and brings good fortune. Among those people you might find is Royal Fantasies car club, as the Lowrider collective had the good fortune to host their thirteenth Corona High School car show.

As in previous years, car show participants were lined up in the early morning darkness on the day of the show. The line once again went down and around the perimeter of the school grounds. Like a well-oiled machine, Royal Fantasies methodically moved the 400 plus participants into the show before the gates opened to the public.

HB Gabachos, Stylistics I.E. and Los Angeles, Classic Style, Latin Bombas, Ontario Classics, Devotions, Latin Life, Latin Luxury, Empire’s Finest, Big Tymerz, and Rare Class were some of the clubs that came out to support the show and compete for trophies and bragging rights. Groupe Car Club once again came out with a large number of club cars. The club was a delight to fans of our magazine as well, as a number of Lowrider Magazine-featured rides were at the show. Tony Valadez from HB Gabachos had his ‘47 Fleetline set up at the show, while Alex Garza from Stylistics Los Angeles, had his ‘77 Monte Carlo. You might remember his car as being the August 2010 cover car. Other LRM features on site included “Microphone Fiend” and Jose Martinez’s ‘39 Chevy, “Mr. 39” from the July 2011 issue.

Once again, a large number of vendors were on the grounds of Corona High School offering food, drinks, music, clothing and auto parts, for spectators to enjoy. Movin’ Violation was doing brisk business offering their one-of-a-kind T-shirts, and Mendoza’s Snow Cones was one of the more popular booths in the relentless summer heat. On the entertainment side of things, the Royal Fantasies had Mike Lopez, “The Cholo DJ,” providing his musical selections and hosting a very popular dance contest for those in attendance. The club also had the Midnight Cruzzers band play a couple of sets of their great music. Throughout the day, the club was selling raffle tickets and those who won took home some great prizes.

As the day came to end, it was time for the trophy presentation. Royal Fantasies had their hands full with the number of entries but were able to conclude the trophy presentation before the sun set on the show.

As we walked through the show towards our car, we kept hearing how pleased everyone was with the show and how they were already planning on coming back in 2013. The show in 2013 will be the 14th year for the show, so there is no doubt that the number thirteen was indeed lucky for Royal Fantasies. We expect that next year’s show will be just as successful for the club and the high school as it has been since the first one. We would like to thank Royal Fantasies for their continued support and hospitality.