The end of September means one thing in the Northern California Lowrider scene and that is the annual Woodland Car Show. For the last few years, the show has been held at the Yolo County Fairgrounds in Woodland, CA., and has been a Lowrider Magazine-sanctioned show. This sanctioned show was held in September, just a couple of weeks before the Lowrider Magazine Las Vegas Super Show, and it gave new contenders wanting to compete for the sweepstakes a chance to qualify. This of course brought out the best in all comers and this show did not disappoint one bit.

Anticipation was heavy the Saturday before the show, as the Lowrider Magazine truck rolled into the fairgrounds, bringing with it hundreds of show cars that filled up all five buildings in no time. Some of those show cars included “Heavy Hitter,” “Strictly Business,” “Sky’s the Limit,” “Darkside Dynasty,” “Game Over,” “Hawaiian Punch,” and a few others. Some of the car clubs in attendance included UCE, Goodtimes, Traffic, Rollerz Only, Evil Threat, Cali Life, Luxurious, Padrinos, Impalas, New Style, Tradicionals, Unique, Premacy, Low Creations, Elite, Ragz 2 Envy, Skanless, Lindsay’s Finest, Parliament, Brown Persuasion, California Lifestyle, Socios, Blvd Kings, and a few others. A few of the clubs that made the trip from Southern California included Imperials, Klique and the Stylistics.

Despite the rain that fell earlier in the day, the show was filled with some beautiful rides and beautiful women as well. We were able to get the chance to snap a few pictures of some of these lovely ladies at the show, including Sacramento model Darling Danika and Barbie Rodriguez from Santa Rosa. We thank these ladies for their company and we ask our viewers to keep an eye out for them because they will both be feature models in the near future!

As usual with this sanctioned show, the performers for this event were top notch and didn’t disappoint. Hip Hop stars Rodney O, Paul Wall, and The Game rocked the stage and left the crowd’s energy at a fever pitch. This year’s show is scheduled for Saturday, September 29th, and the show will also celebrate the 35 Years of Lowrider Magazine.We hope to see everyone out there again.