Hellafyde Records was founded in 2001 by its C.E.O/Artist Jaime Gonzalez p.k.a Seven. As a result of Seven’s first independent solo project “7 Million Ways,” his unique interpretation of the streets attracted many fans, which lead him to start his own production company called Hellafyde Muzik. After assembling a solid roster of artists, Hellafyde Muzik has now outgrown being a production company and become Hellafyde Records, the newest Indie label to represent that West Coast street sound. The imprint emerged strongly enough to solidify a distribution deal with Aries Music/ EMI Latin.

Throughout the course of two years, Hellafyde Records released nine Albums through its subsidiary, and sold an upwards of 30,000 copies, with no radio play or heavy promotion! Centered on a strong street buzz and a large regional fan base, Hellafyde Records represented the West Coast Hip Hop movement to the fullest, setting a new standard for music fans worldwide to appreciate and enjoy, while building that strong foundation necessary for an independent record label.

The company’s artist roster is solid, and it began by bringing together some of Los Angeles’ most hardworking and talented artists; namely, Mista Leño, Tone E Lokes, and Redwood. Mista Leño is a product of the San Gabriel Valley of California, and achieved success in the late 90s with his group, the Hard Hedz. After building with West Coast legends like Tony G and ALT, Leño joined the Hellafyde camp and began working. He released his debut album “The Life of Mista Leño” in 2010, executive produced by MC Pancho, on the Hellafyde Records imprint. Tone E Lokes is a veteran rapper who is well-versed in the history of the scene. Growing up on artists like N.W.A., 2 Live Crew, and Too Short, Lokes developed his style with a deep respect of the game. His producer, Seven, saw him out grinding and hustling his music and began working with him. Eventually, Seven approached Lokes about joining the Hellafyde label, which he’s since done and hasn’t looked back. In 2008, Hellafyde signed a new artist by the name of Redwood, which brought new life to the label, as he had attracted their attention by gaining his own street buzz. Redwood released “Clowning Everybody,” and he continues to flourish under the label’s independent mindset.

In 2009, the label inked a new distribution deal through LRT/Ingrooves/Universal. Since signing the deal with LRT/Ingrooves, Hellafyde has released four new albums and has added four new artists to their roster, the aforementioned Mista Leño, ALT The Saint, Oso Vicious, and J.O. Also in the works is a new group album by the name of Tha Hogz, which will be releasing music in the summer of 2011. Hard work pays off and this ahead-of-its-time record label has solidified itself as a major player within the music industry. Working together with like-minded artists has allowed this upstart imprint to shine above the typical politics and roadblocks that often hinder independent labels. Now, ten years later, Hellafyde has forged its reputation and is recognized everywhere from the streets of L.A., to the continental U.S. and even overseas in Europe and Japan. From music to clothing, Hellafyde has gone from being a sound, to an image, and it has slowly converted to being a lifestyle for those who are a part of and are a fan of this Hellafyde Movement.