Sacramento was the second city to start up a chapter of Impalas car club back in 1995. The Sacramento chapter of Impalas Car Club has set a high standard for their members and they have produced numerous show quality cars that fly the Impalas plaque. They are known for having most of their cars, if not all, on full display at big car shows. It’s safe to say that the quality standards and hard work of the Sacramento chapter can be seen in every single one of their rides. On August 21st, 2010, the Sacramento chapter of Impalas celebrated their 15th anniversary at the Placer County Fairgrounds in Roseville, California. The Sacramento chapter hosted a barbeque and pig roast for the occasion, and Impalas chapters came from all across the map to participate. Some of the clubs on hand included the East Bay, Reno, Stockton, San Diego, North Bay, San Francisco, Orange County, Yuba City, Tulare, Nor Cal, Modesto, Fresno, Central Valley, and New Mexico chapters.

As I pulled up to the fairgrounds in the early morning, I noticed that most of the Impalas members were just showing up as well. Once I parked, I saw a caravan of Impalas cars pulling in; that caravan was made up of cars from the Stockton and Modesto chapters. As I started to walk up the fairground, I noticed the raffle canopy with the prizes on display and a sign that read Sacramento 15 year Anniversary All Chapters Pig Party. Some of the items that were up for the raffle included a set of 155/80/13 white walls, a Lowrider bicycle, an ice chest, a canopy, an electric sander, several car cleaning kits, and a few other goodies. You could also find white 15th anniversary shirts for sale for women, men, and children at the same booth. As I passed the booth, I saw two enormous pigs being cooked while the DJ filled the air with some great tunes.

In line with most of the other events that Impalas throw, the mood was filled with a family atmosphere. A jump house was set up for the kids, and plenty of games such as the egg toss were played so the kids could enjoy the day as well. Once the pigs were ready and Roadhouse Deli had the asada cooked, the DJ made the announcement, and a huge line of hungry individuals formed ready to eat. The food was phenomenal and I have to send my thanks to the men and women of the Impalas Sacramento chapter for the great meal.

After everyone cleaned their plates, the awards ceremony began. Awards were given to members for their recognition and hard work. After the awards were handed out, it was time for what everyone was waiting for: the raffle. All said and done, some lucky winners walked away with great prizes, and those that didn’t walked away knowing they had a good time and a great day.

I would like to thank Sal Huerta for inviting Lowrider Magazine, and We salute all of the Impalas Sacramento chapter members for the hospitality. Extra special thanks are in order for those Impalas members who made sure that I always had a cold beer in my hand!