18th Annual LA Gente Super Show, Imperial California

The Imperial Valley of Southern California is filled with natural beauty, local history and plenty of culture. The area blends both American and Mexican cultures, thanks in part to its regional history and proximity to the border. The culture of Lowriding is very popular in the Imperial Valley, and has been for a number of years.

One of the area’s mainstays, The Imperial Valley Chapter of La Gente Car Club, has produced “The La Gente Super Show” for the past eighteen years at the Imperial Valley Expo. This nonprofit show is produced by the club to benefit the local youth organizations of the Imperial Valley, and to also promote the culture of Lowriding. This was sure to be a show I wouldn’t soon forget, and I eagerly began counting down the days until I could see it firsthand.

Finally, on one Saturday morning in October, I was on the road headed to the show. Upon my arrival, I was met by Antonio Camacho, from La Gente Car Club, who made sure I had the proper credentials to explore the show. As I walked around the show, I saw car clubs from Southern California, Arizona and Baja, California set up throughout the show grounds. Desert Dreams, City Cruisers, Del Valle, and Mi Vida were representing the Coachella and Imperial Valley area. The Crowd, Individuals, and Unique Ladies drove out from San Diego to show their best, while Stylistics, Imperials, Groupe, Rollerz Only, and Viejitos also had chapters supporting the show.

The show areas were filled with everything on two and four wheels. Lowrider bicycles, motorcycles, Bombs, and traditional Lowriders were on display, each hoping to be the ride worthy enough of taking home a trophy at the end of the day. The indoor and outdoor areas had a number of rides on full display, showing paint shined to the max and fully customized undercarriages.

The event also had a stage area which was set up with live entertainment and a deejay that kept the crowd entertained throughout the day. Next to the stage, an area was cleared out for the show’s hopping contest. Although the ultimate turnout for the hop was less than expected, the participants who did enter went all out, giving everyone a breathtaking show. Once the hop was finished, the bikini contest was held, and a lucky winner took home some cash and show bragging rights. As the show concluded, the trophy presentations were made to many of the 300 plus show participants, who were lucky enough to go home with a trophy. Groupe, Imperials, and the Rollerz Only Car Clubs were some of the show’s big winners.

After 18 years, there is no doubt that La Gente’s Super Show is essential to Lowriding and to the Imperial Valley. The community outreach the club achieves with the proceeds from the show is vital to the area’s youth, and it also helps to promote the Lowriding lifestyle in a positive light. Thanks to La Gente for their hospitality, we will definitely see you again next year!