The 14th annual Guadalajara Tattoo Expo was coordinated by Mexican tattoo legend Sammy Ramrez Hernndez in September. Our good friend Stone, from Japan, was on hand to take pictures and document the great event. The show was filled with tattoo artists from around the world, representing their tattoo shops-including Tattoo Soul, Yellow Blaze, Royal Tattoo, All or Nothing Tattoo, Tinta Distinta, Por Vida, Garage Ink, Tattootlan, Ritual, and Horimitsu.

Sammy also got the support of many local artists from Mexico, including El Chino, Stomper, El Chocky, Gabo, Tattoo De Reyes, Huye, and the crew from Sammy Tattoo, just to name a few. With so much talent located in the two-day event at Casino Bugambilias, which is near downtown, it was a convenient place for tattoo fanatics to swing by and check out some fresh artwork and get inked for life by their favorite artist.

Make sure you attend the next tattoo expo that Sammy will be putting together in November. Check out his website for more show coverage and information about the next event at