Portland – Lowrider Tour Show

Last Tour Stop Before Vegas

The Portland Expo Center played host to the Portland Tour, featuring over 500 of the best cars. The Portland Show, sponsored by UTI and the U.S. Air Force, marks the last show before the Super Show in Las Vegas on Oct. 12. Lowriding enthusiasts came from all over the surrounding area, including Canada and California.

Clubs like Showtime Car Club came out in full force. Showtime’s lineup was impressive, starting off with Rick Wagor’s green six-deuce “Gin and Deuce,” which features a modern-day upgraded LS engine and an old-school Pesco setup that takes you back to the old days. Showtime also brought a clean ’77 Regal, a yellow El Camino, and a beautiful pumpkin-colored ‘57 Bel Air, “Suited 57,” owned by Bobby Mack who also had a Pesco trunk setup that made you look twice at its classic look with a modern twist.

Some of the other clubs on hand included Rollerz Only, Uce, Majestics, Individuals, Sweet Dreams, Custom Cruisers, South End Ryders, Puro Locos, Uniques, and Royal Image. Michael Tovar’s ’37 Chevy, “Wanted 37” came from California. Michael told us that getting to meet new people and show the car made all the driving to get there worth it. The fact that he also won Best Bomb of Show, $1,000, and the Lowrider Excellence Award didn’t hurt either. Another Los Angeles-area car that made the 15-hour run was this month’s centerfold car, Angel Ibarra’s ’60 Impala “Sky‘s the Limit.”

There were a lot of quality cars on hand. One in particular that stood out was Aaron Scott’s orange ’95 Caddy “Liquid Assets.” Aaron, a hometown favorite, took Third Place in Best of Show. Just when you thought you’d seen it all, Trino and Desiree Alfaro (June ’08 cover car) re-emerged with a revamped car. The frame had been repainted and detailed with more chrome, more murals, and even more graphics, which also made their way to the rims. For Trino’s efforts, “Cherry 64” took Second Place in Best of Show. Although, we know Trino, and he probably has some other tricks up his sleeve to make Vegas interesting.

A number of cars broke out in Portland but the one that stood out the most was Chris Roark’s latest creation, “The Perfect Score.” He’s been working on the car for some time now and managed to keep it under wraps, but the car is certain to take lowrider show cars to the next level. The attention to detail is unreal and it’s certain to have even the most hard-core hot-rod builders scratching and shaking their heads. Inlaid, custom-made billet parts are everywhere, from front to back, a paintjob that harkens back to days past where modern tech and murals seemed to spring up in the most unlikely places. Chris didn’t show the trunk, which apparently wasn’t up to his standards, but he still managed to take First Place in Best of Show. In the end the name said it all: Perfect Score.

We always feel the love and respect for lowriding by everyone when we’re in Portland, and this time was no different. This show was the perfect way to end the tour before heading out to Vegas for the grand finale where the best of the best come out and champions are crowned.