Tucson Custom Car Show

Welcome Once Again To The Grand Canyon State For A Newly Sanctioned Car Show Date.

With Tucson having the second largest population in Arizona, it’s only appropriate that one of the handful of Lowrider Magazine-sanctioned shows would be held there. Big Latin Entertainment put on the Second Annual Lowrider & Custom Car Show in conjunction with sponsors HOT 98.3, Spanglish Times, Latina TV Network, Latin Active Entertainment and the U.S. Army.

It’s a really nice thing to have an indoor show when the average temperature outside is 99 degrees. The show was held in the Tucson Convention Center on a predictably hot Sunday in May (the same day as the Fresno, California, event found elsewhere in this issue). “Big Andy” Herrera put together a show that had people rolling out of bed early on a sleepy Sunday morning.

Saturday’s roll-in had 100-plus cars lined up outside of the Convention Center waiting to get in for their chance to show Tucson their lowrider pride. Hometown riders, in addition to people from surrounding areas, filled the building. The majority of cars were lowriders, but there were a couple of hot-rods and trucks on hand to round out the car show experience.

Car clubs in attendance included local favorites like Mexican Side, Old School, AZ Ridaz, Old Memories and Groupe. Also on hand were Majestics, Untouchable Lows, Phoenix, New Class and Stylistics car clubs among others.

More than 3,000 spectators got a chance to check out some of the finest lowriders in the area. If you weren’t there, then you were nowhere. The Lowrider “Aztec Dos” rig was on hand to greet spectators as they walked up to the Convention Center. Blue skies and fair weather cumulus clouds made a beautiful backdrop for the light blue rig.

The December ’07 Lowrider center car, Tim McIntyre’s ’85 Olds Cutlass, “Bubblicious,” made the trek in from Mesa, Arizona, to show Tucson what was bubbling. Another center car, Todd Land’s ’63 Chevy Impala, “Main Event,” was knocking out the competition and showing full display. Bombs were blowing up here, there and everywhere. Old Memories C.C. rolled out in force along with other bomb clubs. Plenty of Cadillacs and GM G-bodies rounded out the lowriding portion of the entrants.

Vendors were on hand to sell you everything from T-shirts and zoot suits to hydros for your car and music to put in your CD player when cruising. And speaking of music, there were a host of performances by the likes of Royal Family, D4L and J. Pesos. Closing out the musical portion of the show was MC Magic getting it started and bringing out Sophia Maria to do a couple of songs. They concluded the music with their latest song together, “Lost In Love.”

All in all, the show was a success. Support from the lowrider community is essential for the continued growth of the sport. The spirit was high in Tucson and you can expect growth in both entrants and spectators at next year’s event. Thanks to the support of the Arizona lowrider community, the Tucson show promises to become one of the premier shows in the West in the future.