Houston, TexasThis past November, we attended the Los Magnificos Custom Car Show and Concert presented by 97.9 The Box in Houston, Texas. This quarter-century celebration was one to remember with more than 400 cars on full display and more than $20,000 given away in cash prizes. With that kind of cash up for grabs, many competitors brought out their best rides to go head to head and try to take the crown for Best Lowrider, Best Truck, Best Bomb and Best Traditional classes where first place winners took home $1,000.

As we walked the show floor, we were greeted by Jon and Teresa Chuck, the main people responsible for throwing this successful event. With Houston off of the Lowrider Tour for the time being, the Los Magnificos show is not to be missed. Besides the cars, there was plenty for all to enjoy, young and old. The bicycle section of the show included more than 100 bikes on full display as well as 30 top model cars.

We jumped into the hop pit where hydraulic enthusiasts brought out their cars and competed for the $400 that was awarded to first place winners in all five different classes. Contestants in the bikini contest showed their most exotic moves to make the crowd go wild and gain points to determine the winner. The first place finisher took home $500 in cash and was crowned the hottest lady of the day. At the end of the day, Miss Helen Carmona gave away a $500 scholarship to Carlos Aguirre, Jr.

The Los Magnificos show is one of the best in the Lone Star State. If you’re lucky enough to be living in Texas, or just passing through, make sure that you swing by and check out this show that has plenty of everything.

Carolina Cinco De MayoSome Of The Southeast’s Heaviest Hitters Make Greensboro, North Carolina, The Place To Be.

North Carolina is recognized as the Tar Heel State, but after a quick look around the Greensboro Coliseum at the Cinco de Mayo Lowrider Car Show, you might have a different name for it. Exclusive to only lowrider vehicles, more than 200 custom show cars and twice as many spectators made Greensboro the place to be on a sunny Saturday in May. With the help of sponsors Shorty’s Urban Wear, El Mirasol and local car clubs Low Levels, Street Dreamz and Westside, there was plenty to see and lots of free stuff to fill the goodie bags.

There were some heavy hitters showing up in North Carolina. Arturo Reyes represented Obsession C.C. and brought out his ’64 Chevy Impala from Alabama and captured the top spot in the Chevy Impala class. David “Kriket” Freeze unleashed his baby blue Cadillac Fleetwood in his debut show and took home the Luxury class trophy as well as Best of Show. David even dazzled the crowd by entering in the hop contest. Individuals C.C. showed their support as Marcus Hammond drove from Atlanta, Georgia, to take the second place trophy in the Impala class. Abe Santellano grabbed the top honor in the G-Body class and George Molina won the Best Bomb category.

The hop contest put the high flyers to the test. In the Single-Pump class, Dana Powell of Street Dreamz C.C. led the way with 37 inches in his Buick Regal, followed closely by David Freeze in the full-show Cadillac at 33 inches. In the Double-Pump class, Marcus Hammond ran away from the pack with 47 inches. The Truck Dance thrilled the crowd with Trad from T&D Customs turning his Chevy on its side and running away with the top honors. Seven-year-old “Lil’ Flip” followed right behind, managing to “flip” his Chevy with ease. An encore performance had both trucks side to side in full movement.

The Cinco de Mayo show is put on once a year by Lowyalty C.C. out of North Carolina. The goal was to find a way to bring the lowrider community together without the risk of violence. Lowyalty president Ruben tells us, “We won’t allow alcohol or any gang affiliation. This is a time for people to have a good time and enjoy a good show.” With that kind of turnout, the pride of lowrider vehicles showed its continued legacy.