The first and only stop on the 2008 Lowrider Tour to hit California was held in San Bernardino at the National Orange Show Grounds. The day began with a line of cars being driven into the arena and some that were brought in on trailers. With more than 50 hoppers and dancers competing, the action started off early, getting underway around 11 a.m.

The first class to hit the asphalt was the Street Hop, the new class for everyday drivers. The first competitor was Taylor Serano, a 13-year-old girl who fell short of first place with her ’63 Chevy Impala, but was still able to hit 24 inches. In the end, Leo Nava took home first place after his white ’87 Buick Regal reached 76 inches.

Next up in the hopping pit was the Single-Pump Hop competition where Derrick Wheeler and his ’86 Lincoln Town Car and Herman Ashley with his ‘62 Impala shared first place by both hitting 47 inches. Second place was awarded to Leo Nava who attained 46 inches with his ’85 Cutlass.

The competition grew even more interesting in the Truck Hop, especially since Ariel Avila achieved first place after he hit 81 inches with his candy red ’86 Mazda. Shaun Wilson took home second with his purple ‘90 Mazda, while third place was taken by Jorge Guzman who reached 58 inches with his ’87 Toyota.

In the Double-Pump Hop, John Valdez took home the gold by hitting 70 inches with his ’64 Impala. Mike Moreno took second at 61 inches. He hopped his white ’61 Impala old school style by not even looking at the front wheel. Third place was claimed by Javier Zendejas whose ’83 Cadillac played tricks on the competition with its crazy black/gold paint job.

Where almost anything goes, the Radical Hop started strong. With more than 10 competitors, there were plenty of hoppers taking the asphalt. In first place, Todd Land hit 97 inches with his clean green ’64 Impala while Ignacio Rivera took home second by hitting back bumper and making the tires of his baby blue ’62 Impala hit 96 inches. Black Magic Hydraulics took home third with their blue ’88 Chevy Monte Carlo at 94 inches.

After a few hours of frames hitting the asphalt, the show’s most anticipated competition began. Street Dance competitors hit the center stage strong, making their cars do pancake, front and rear hops, and around the world in less than 75 seconds. Andres Canedo earned a total of 28 points for first place while Juan Chavoya settled for second with a total of 22 points. Third place was shared by Isaac Mares and Adam McMains who both scored 21 points.

Juan Chavoya redeemed himself in the Radical Dance, taking home first place with 20 points after he lost the front bumper of his ’89 Toyota. In second was Black Magic Hydraulics who tilted its truck on its side and lost a front wheel, falling one point short at 19 points. In third was Isaac Mares who danced his black ’86 Mazda until it lost its bed due to the constant movement.

After a few hours of switch hitting and juice hopping action, the hop and dance contest was over, but it was well received and a few people went home with a little bit of spending money. If you missed the San Bernardino show, make sure that you make it to the next one, especially the Las Vegas Super Show, where the best of the best show up and go all out to take home bragging rights.