The annual Majestics Car Club New Year’s Day Picnic was held in the parking lot of Long Beach, California’s Veteran’s Stadium. Even with a new location, this year wasn’t any different than the past when it came to Majestics C.C. ringing in the new year. Even though many of the people in attendance were out celebrating the night before, they still managed to arrive early enough to hold their spots. With the sun coming up for the first time in 2008, we could begin to see the paint and chrome gleaming under the first rays of what turned out to be a perfect sunny Southern California day.

More than 1,000 cars filled the parking lot of this one-day event, with representation from clubs from all over Southern California, as well as some from as far away as Northern California, Nevada and Arizona. The picnic had a tailgate party feel to it as everyone had their barbecue grills going and all type of meats were being cooked at the same time. It seemed like there were almost as many inviting aromas in the air as there were cars on the ground.

Host club Majestics rolled deep with most of their chapters in attendance. Uce, Rollerz Only, SouthSide, Stylistics, Los Angeles, Lifestyle, HighClass, OurStyle, Tradition, Elite, Connected, Individuals, Groupe, Classified, Maniacos, Santana, Viejitos, Just Us, Ultimate Riderz, Premier and Compton’s Finest were among the clubs that we remember seeing at the picnic. In fact, the parking lot seemed like a lowrider conference.

Vehicles of all types were welcome at the show, and many people (including actor Danny Trejo) came out trying to get a glimpse of the latest California trends. We’re sure that everyone appreciated the culture and style that the lowriders put out. From candy paint to stock restorations, the picnic had it all, including a hydraulic hop that’s usually one of the highlights of the day.

The hop had the Majestics “Dream Team” on hand showing everyone what to expect in 2008. Individuals C.C. broke out one of its hoppers, “Puro Oro,” which features gold-plated trim that could be seen when the car was smacking its rear bumper. Locos 4 Life brought out a ’76 Olds Cutlass that had everyone trippin’ at the sight of this heavyweight vehicle doing its thing. Todd Land from Phoenix, Arizona, got the crowd going with his radical convertible hopper. Todd demonstrated to everyone that a convertible done right can keep up with the hardtops.

The Majestics New Year’s Day picnic featured a strong showing of cars, a good hop and great weather-the perfect way to kick off the year. We can’t wait to see what the rest of 2008 brings. It looks like another memorable year in lowrider land. Keep up the good work and we hope to catch you at an upcoming event.