Well, let’s go to the beginning 35 years ago. at the start of the new school year in 1972 at schurr high in Montebello, california. Roland ortiz, and aaron and alonzo quintana were thinking about joining a car club. They checked out a few, but couldn’t find what they were looking for in any of the clubs at that time. They decided to start their own club instead. They thought about a name but it had to be meaningful. They pondered and came up with the name of Techniques. They looked it up in Webster’s dictionary and the defi- nition is “show you how.” next, they had some jackets and some brass oG plaques made.

Today, Techniques c.c. has a total of nine chapters, eight here in the states and one in Japan. Their Palmdale, california, chapter has dedicated members traveling one hour to attend meetings. Their inland empire chapter, which is in san Bernardino/Riverside county, has become a dedicated chapter and they kick back on saturday nights at a ’50s-style denny’s located on the corner of cedar avenue and Foothill Boulevard in Fontana, california. one of the most recognized Techniques cars is now owned by a 13-year-old lady named Brianda cruz. Her ’47 chevy called “el duran” is famous for its appearance in the movie Mi Vida loca.

Now 35 years later, Techniques c.c. celebrated its 35th anniversary with a special banquet at the Marriott in uptown Whittier, california. The special evening featured a din-ner and then an awards ceremony for special members. The arizona chapter was awarded the chapter of the year award. The “mother” chapter from east los angeles honored Joey hernandez with the Member of the year award. This award was well deserved as Joey’s car was burned to a crisp right before the banquet while he was playing with the switches. despite the mishap, Joey was still at the banquet full force as if nothing had happened.

Rey carillo, the current president of the los angeles chapter, received the Recognition award for outstanding dedication. The ladies were also talked about, especially Brianda cruz and Marissa Miranda, who told the crowd how one day they’re going to be the first female president and vice president of the club.

As the night went on, Techniques members swapped old stories about their friends and family, and danced the night away. We congratulate Techniques car club for their 35 years of continuous support of the lowrider Movement, and we thank them for inviting us to their party.